Career Evolution

Recalling several years ago, I became a tourist guide right after I graduated from the college in Accounting major. The reason I made the choice is that travel is my most favorite thing since I was litter, and it is still my first choice until now whenever I have time to go. So, traveling around with free hotels, meals, and transportations back then is another big plus for me. During that time as a tourist guide, I learned public speaking skills, visited lots of museums and explored different cultures and histories, earned so much valuable memories.

In the meanwhile, I didn’t give up my CPA exams because that’s my whole college, and I invested a lot of time and money on it. After two years, I passed my CPA exam and found an accounting consultant job. Finally, I could practice what I learned in the college. Dealing with different kinds of clients from different industries was a challenge at the beginning, but had lots of fun. Also, I didn’t stop investing on myself and learning new skills during this job. Most of my clients are software company or biotech company, I feel like programming is pretty hot and useful now, that’s how I started my programming journey.

I spent a while to explore which language should I learn, and where my career will go. I tried bootcamp, and I also enrolled in a college program. Then, I made the decision to quite my job, that’s how I ended up here as a full-time computer science student in OSU. I found my first full-time Web Developer Intern last year. It’s an important capstone for me.

Along my way to switch my career path, I feel like there is no knowledge being waster. All the skills I learned in the past is being helping me, I just don’t know when I am going to use it and where I am going to use it. Those skills are there with you all the time, you probably won’t realize you have it until the moment comes. I am so happy that I make this far. If you want to share your story, I would like to hear your wonderful journey.

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