Cross Platform Discussion App – Week 1 checkin

The capstone project I am currently working on with my team is Cross Platform Discussion App. We would like to provide a community for users to anonymously converse with each other about any topics they are interested, so they could express their thoughts without any restrictions.

We decide to use Dart and Flutter, which is used to build cross platform applications, so the application will be available for iOS, Android and WebApp at the same time. This way, we don’t need to worry about spending extra time to build the app separately for iOS and Android. We choose to use Firebase to host the backend service as a realtime database, we are not sure how complicated we would go with our app and database, so the limitation of using Firebase is unknown. We open to switch to something else and play it by ear.

The following image I attached below is one of our screen. Our first version of draft design contains 5 screens, and we have extra screens as our stretch goal. We are aiming to create a skeleton for each screen this week and then make sure the navigation works correctly next week. Our progress is on tracking very well based on our project plan. I’ll keep update our progress in the following weeks, and We would like to hear your ideas and suggestions to our project.

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