My Bootcamp Experience – Hacker Reactor

When I joined OSU several years ago, I learned my Introduction to Computer Science classes using C++. I am not sure how other people feel about the class, I just feel like I am not good at programming, and I probably should quit early before I invest too much for my second degree. So, after four fundamental classes with C++, I took a year break and thought about giving up to become a Software Engineer.

Back to that time, I was still full-time accountant as I took the break from school. I start looking for job description and asking friends about me about what Software Engineers do everyday and how they come a Software Engineer. That’s when I learned that there is a position called Full Stack Engineer using technologies like JavaScript, Node.js, and MongoDB.

Then I googled online and found there is a bootcamp called Hacker Reactor. They offered Full Stack program which teach you the working flow covered from the client side to the server and how database interact with server. I picked the 12-week immersive program, almost everyday from 8 a.m. to 9 pm. and took Sunday off. You are going to work with different teammates on a project every two days starting from 8:30 a.m. standup meeting and adopt the Agile approach. After 6 weeks, the first half of the bootcamp, I learned the knowledge that I could use in my work everyday as a Web Developer. In the meanwhile, that’s also when I felt that I actually like programming and found my way to study.

I am not going into all the details like what I learned in my Bootcamp. I didn’t finish the whole bootcamp since I thought I learned what I needed from the bootcamp, so I came back to school again and decided to finish my degree. Now I am going to graduate this semester. What I want to say is that everyone has our own timeline, learning curve, and habit. Exploring as many things as we can at the beginning could help us find the way instead of giving up.

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