Cross-Platform Mobile Development

If we google “What is ross-Platform Mobile Development?”, the definition is the creation of software applications that are compatible with multiple mobile operating systems. I’ve been thinking to try mobile development for a while, and I was trying to pick a platform, either iOS to learn ObjectiveC/Swift or Android to learn Java/Kotlin. It’s a hard decision for me to make because it’s more like a commitment and investment whenever you are planning to learn a new language.

I couldn’t make the decision about the platform until I took the class CS492 Mobile Software Development, which is taught using Dart and Flutter Framework, that’s how I know cross-platform mobile development. the instructor, Yong Bakos’ video is pretty organized and tell you everything you need to onboard you with Mobile Development. I would say this is class that made me feel programming is a fun thing to do, and I want to get more exposure to Mobile Development.

If you are in the situation like me, and would like to get to know Mobile Development, but couldn’t decide which platform you want to pick, this is might be a good starting point. I have some resources that I feel pretty useful and helpful during my learning process, check it out and welcome to leave your comment, we could discuss it and learn it together.


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