The Remote Format

The class will be presented in a series of seven live Zoom class meetings, remotely, from our homes to yours.  This distinguishes it from an “online” class format where participants can log on and take classes at their own convenience and pace.  

We chose the remote class format to capture as much of the feeling and benefits of a local, live, face-to-face class as possible.   

Forestry and Natural Resources Extension has been offering this class in one form or another for over 30 years. We present practical information useful to new land managers. But we frequently hear that the largest benefit to participants is the chance to meet and learn with other landowners from their area.  We want to keep that community dynamic. 

Participants in this class will be required to register for the series, do some brief pre-work ahead of each class (spend 15-30 min reading some articles or viewing some videos) and participate in class activities.  We strive to create an online classroom environment where participants can interact with the instructors, ask questions, and perhaps even feel like they aer in an actual, in-person classroom.  

We will ask for and share some information, as we would in any local in-person class, including your name, the size and location of your property (if you do actually currently own your property), the conditions of your woodlands and interests and objectives in owning the property. This information will be part of class, but not shared by us beyond that. 

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