My Forest Stewardship Values

Considering your values about the various potential uses of your property will help provide the basis for developing goals and objectives for your small woodland. Add to the list if you have additional potential uses.

How important are each of the following forest values to you? Very important, Important, Undecided, Unimportant, Very unimportant

Aesthetic enjoyment
Family legacy (pass land to heirs)
Financial investment
Habitat for wildlife
Income from timber harvest
Income from non-timber activities (e.g. sale of cones or public access)
Observe nature
Personal/family recreation
Personal residence
Sentimental attachment to land
Prevent development/ preserve natural environment
Privacy, solitude, rural lifestyle
Produce items for personal use (timber, firewood, mushrooms, etc.)
Providing for ecosystem health
Teach others about forests, public education
Vacation property
Real estate speculation
Long-term financial security
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