Fall Term 2018
September 26, 2018Andrew Cato
Karlsruhe Institutue of Technology, Germany
Development of Bag-1L as a Therapeutic Target in Androgen Receptor-Dependent Prostate Cancer
Host: Siva Kolluri
October 10, 2018Samara Reck-Peterson
UC San Diego
Molecular mechanisms of microtubule-based motors: how teams of motors work
Host: Michael Freitag
October 24, 2018Siobhan Brady
UC Davis
From networks to switches: systems approaches to unravel the control of biological processes necessary for plant life
Host: John Fowler/Molly Megraw
November 7, 2018Fitnat Yildiz
UC Santa Clara
Mechanisms and regulation of biofilm formation in Vibrio cholerae
Host: Claudia Hase
Winter Term 2019
Feruary 8, 2019William Hersh
Three amazing ideas about microbial biogeography that will blow your mind
Host: Denise Hynes
March 6, 2019Nadja Cech
University of North Carolina – Greensboro
Anti-Virulence Strategies Against Drug Resistant Superbugs
Host: Sandra Loesgen
Spring Term 2019
April 3, 2019Chris Marx
University of Idaho
Phenotypic heterogeneity between genetically identical cells permits growth with letal levels of formaldehyde stress
Host: Patrick de Leenheer
April 17,. 2019Melissa Haendel
The Yellow Brick Road of Open Science: Barriers to bringing data to its highest valued use
Host: Brett Tyler
May 1, 2019Kristine Alpi
Host: Melissa Haendel
May 15, 2019Lucia Carbone
Host: Tom Sharpton
May 29, 2019Andrew Kern
University of Oregon
Putting the HAL in Haldane: leveraging supervised machine learning for population genetics
Host: Aaron Liston
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