Something I think not a lot of students realize is that you can definitely make student business cards, and, in fact, it’s highly recommended that you do. They’re a great option for Career Fairs, so you can leave your information with an employer even in situations where it might not be appropriate to leave your entire resume. Business cards are very professional and are a great resource for networking.

I recently personally made some new business cards so I wanted to share the process and some thibusines card photongs I noticed.

In terms of what information to include, the most important pieces are:

  • First and last name
  • University name
  • Major
  • Phone number
  • Professional email address

I personally also included my expected graduation date, and on the back a QR code that goes to my LinkedIn profile. Make sure you only do the latter if your profile is complete and you are going to make sure to keep your profile up to date and professional.

For the design, make sure your business card looks professional but don’t be afraid to use it to showcase your personality a little bit. A business card that’s too boring and doesn’t stand out at all is probably just as bad as one that’s unprofessional. Here are some options for ways to design your business card:

  • Online sites (,, etc.): Some sites have an option for free business cards, but make sure you pay the couple dollars to take off their ad on the back of the card! Leaving the sites ad on the back will detract from your professional image
  • OSU Printing and Mailing (for OSU branded cards)
  • Use MSWord to print your own using the templates options and special paper
  • Retailers (such as Staples, Office Max, etc.)

Make sure you triple-check everything to eliminate any mistakes before you place your order! You can even get a business card holder if you want, or just use whatever method you want to keep your cards nice. Now you’re ready to start networking!

posted by Deirdre Newton, Career Assistant


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2 thoughts on “Student Business Card How-To

  1. and where do i get a business card with the OSU logo. You think there would be a link to a site and you fill in the information and done.


    so where do I go


  2. Hello! A good place to start would be on the OSU Printing and Mailing website. Simply choose “Design Online” and register for an account with your school email. Once you’ve logged in, select “Catalog” and the option for “OSU Student” business cards. I believe the current cost is approximately $21 for 100 cards. Good luck!

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