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Social Media Marketing


– Develop strategies for building and expanding compelling on-line communities for our target consumer
– Build and manage on a daily basis our brand presence on all relevant social media platforms
– Continually refine our strategy to create content and community for or target audience
– Continually expand our knowledge of social media techniques and integrate this knowledge into our on-going strategy
– Work and communicate with our national pro scooter team to effectively expand our message and brand throughout the world
– Think of out-of-the-box ways of making our community increasing compelling for our customer
– As a secondary effort, develop and implement strategies for reaching influencers and reviewers that reach both the user (kids ages 5 to 14) and their parents.

In addition to an hourly salary, the individual will be eligible for discretionary yearly bonuses based on consistent and high quality performance.

We are looking for two long term, part-time individuals that are interested in growing with the company and potentially joining Nextsport in Emeryville California on a full-time basis upon graduation from college.

The position will be performed on a remote basis. Location is not important effective expansion of our brand through effective, efficient and smart social media is what is required of the candidate.
If you feel that your experience, skill set and above all passion is a perfect match for this part-time position, please forward a detailed cover letter (in addition to your resume) outlining why you are the perfect candidate.

For more information on how to apply, check out the posting in Beaver JobNet.

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