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Job/Internship of the Week nsc
UAS Avionics Technician
Near Space Corporation


Near Space Corporation has recently opened a new UAS flight facility and is recruiting for several key positions. We are a small aerospace company that specializes in the testing and maturing of space and aviation technologies. Our customers include a wide variety of government and commercial customers including; NASA, NOAA, DOD, laboratories, universities and new commercial space companies. NSC has extensive experience providing relevant space like environments for maturing new technologies and testing concepts of operations using high altitude balloons and UAVs. The facility was specifically designed to support testing, training and research involving a wide array of UAS platforms with integrated engineering, manufacturing, and flight operations. Remote flight operations are supported throughout the US with dedicated launch facilities in Oregon and Hawaii.

Located west of Portland on the beautiful Oregon Coast, Near Space Corporation is a great place to work. We value innovation, teamwork, commitment, and offer an environment of growth and advancement opportunities. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

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