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Norm Thompson Outfitters
Design and Product Development Intern-Apparel


Design & Product Development Intern- Apparel

Position Summary:
Intern will participate in design projects, attend fit sessions and assist with general product development and quality assurance tasks.

• Observe and shadow apparel and tech designers and product developers in all aspects of product design, development and quality assurance
• Attend design review meetings with various departments
• Assist with design conceptualization and follow through
• Assist with garment measuring and construction review
• Assist with lab dip process
• Attend and participate in fit sessions
• Some administrative duties as assigned
• Exhibit professional conduct in all business relationships, actions and communications

Education, Training and Skills Required:
• Preferred academic major in apparel design, product development, apparel production or merchandising
• Experience in fashion or apparel environment
• Ability to work well in a collaborative environment
• Proficient in PC use and applications, including the use of Excel and Adobe
• Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills

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Adam editName: Adam Fargher
Major: Electrical Engineering
Year in School: Junior
Internship: Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)

1. How did you find out about this internship?
This past Fall term, a Human Resources rep from BPA came and gave a presentation on BPA. In addition, several students already in the Pathways internship program explained their involvement, experience, and what they learned. I researched the BPA website and kept my eye out for the Pathways positions and once they were posted I immediately applied.

2. What will you be doing in your position?
I will being working in the transmission services department of BPA. The program has 3 rotations that students work in. Anything from projects, system operation, system design, and a field rotation as well. The interns in this program don’t just make coffee runs and photocopies. This program is structured so that interns dive in head first and gain hands on experience as well as receive organizational and industry knowledge that you just can’t learn from a textbook.

3. What advice do you have for others interested in finding an internship?
Advice for those looking for internships: First, ask yourself, “What am I passionate about and what  kind of organization would give me experience in my major as well as get my foot in the door?” Then search hard. I scoured the web, googled companies and researched what they were about and if any positions were available, went to career fairs and industry nights, and read every single newsletter that OSU College of Engineering distributed to see if there were any new internship postings.

4.Did Career Services or anybody else assist you in anyway with your career development? If so, how?
Career services played such a huge role in this process. They supplied me with a plethora of resume and interview resources. I must have visited several times to make sure my resume was the best that it could be. One of the most valuable resources from Career Services was the mock interview. Jen Busick Stewart hosted a practice interview for me that was tailored specifically for me, the position, and my major.  She asked the detailed questions that made me think about myself, skills, and experiences. My actual BPA interview would have been a little shaky if I didn’t put in that practice with Jen. The practice interview was critical!! My academic advisor also played a role and gave me some technical interviewing tips and advice. I also reached out to a friend of mine and as a professional engineer he gave me some solid advice on interviews and the industry.