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Name: Marty Ulrich

Major: Computer Science

Year: Sophomore

Who did you work for? Poets Road in LA.

What was your title? I started as a freelance developer for them, then was hired on for regular work.  Currently I’m their Senior Mobile Developer

What do you do? I’m sent Adobe Photoshop documents that contain layers with the images for the app, then I export them to the different sizes I need for the different iOS devices, and build the project and write the code in XCode, Apple’s development software used for making iOS apps.

What apps have you developed? Some of the apps that are in the app store are: Free Candle; ABCMouse Beginning Reader series (6 so far); ABCMouse Aesop’s Fables series (3 so far); ABCMouse Search and Explore series (1 so far); Reel Quotes; Doodles News; Nativity and Nativity DLX; Fast LED Light; SAN Radio

How did you hear about your job?  I bid on it and won.

What did you gain personally and professionally from this experience? I’m still gaining a lot of experience every time I get a new project to work on.  This helps me complete future projects quicker, and helps me build my portfolio.

What did you learn about yourself? I found out that I learn better by teaching myself with real work experience than in a classroom.  The things I learned in school were a good foundation, but the real skills came from trial and error.

What skills did you develop or learn? I’ve been learning more and more about the iOS development kit and using the frameworks available.

How did your education/experiences help to prepare you for this type of job? I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it if I hadn’t taken programming classes to learn the basics.

What information can you share with your peers or others interested in this field? Find a platform you enjoy programming for.  And find work that will incorporate what you learned so you don’t forget it as soon as the class is over.  I started finding jobs right after my iPhone class, and if I hadn’t I’m sure I would have forgotten most of what I’d learned.

Marian Moore, Career Development Coordinator/Career Counselor in Career Services at OSU is passionate about empowering others holistically to find meaningful and sustainable careers that promote lifestyle optimization. Interests: Career Coaching, Talent and Human Capital Management, Curriculum Design and Development,International Education, Personal Branding, Organizational Development, Entrepreneurship, Global Economic Development, Human Rights and Immigrant and Refugee advocacy.

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  1. I had the honor of attending OSU in 1967/68 before my Uncle Sam needed me and others in Vietnam! I was station at Adair AFS, Or and enjoyed the whole experience of being a ‘young airman’ back in my home state. (Joined in 1962 from Stayton, Oregon). I’m always proud when I see a ‘Beaver’ sign/shirt, etc. because I’m now located in ‘Duck’ Country! I’m currently the President of the So. Coast Inventors (SCI) and able and willing to help fellow Alumi(Past,Current or Future) GO Beavers! Beat Ducks in Civil War 2011.

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