Need a job, but no working experience?! No problem!

Every experience has its own uniqueness. Your resume is a very critical piece for you to land an interview; therefore it is important to market yourself in a way that will stand out to future employers.

Any experience can potentially persuade your future employers and therefore can be listed as a relevant experience. Students have a traditional view that if it’s not paid, then it’s not called a work-related experience. Rest assured that experience in leadership activities with an organization, volunteering at a hospital, or an internship abroad can all be listed under experience.

Here are some key factors to help you in perfecting that non-paid work experience resume:

1.      Leadership Activities: Leadership skills are very important to your future employers because it shows that you can delegate tasks, work in a team, and can communicate effectively with your group members.

2.      Volunteer Experience:  This shows that you are a committed and devoted person in making a difference in your community. Volunteer Experience is an excellent way to show that you have interpersonal skills and employers like to see your humanitarian side as well!

3.      Internships: Regardless if they are Unpaid or Paid internships, both are good investments in your time. Internships create an opportunity for you to gain analytic skills, management skills and real-life working experience.

4.      Student clubs/Organizations: Don’t underestimate the knowledge of working with student clubs and organizations because you’re working with a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, therefore you’ll learn to be appreciative of multicultural perspectives. By involving in these clubs/organizations, you’ll be able make relationship with friends, campus faculty and staff, hence developing your network of support.

5.      Study Abroad: Studying abroad can also enhance your resume because it expands your horizon and exposes you to different cultures. This demonstrates to future employers that you are willing to learn new things and they’ll give you credit for your adaptability.

Don’t be afraid to list the above experiences in your resume because they will assist you in defining who you are and your ability to market yourself with high self-confidence. Be positive, honest, and professional when writing your resume.

Make sure to be selective, use power verbs and industrial buzz words to sizzle up your resume. YOU are the last piece of the puzzle that will connect you to success.

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Reference: Quintessential Careers

Posted by Phi Vu, Career Services Assistant