Posted by Silver Trujillo, Career Services Assistant

If you’re nervous about an upcoming interview a little practice would go a long way in ensuring it will be successful. There are many ways to practice for an interview; it could be as simple as standing in front of the mirror and interviewing yourself or doing a mock interview with another person. However, if you feel that you need someone to ask you questions or don’t have time to make it down to our office to meet with someone then another great option would be InterviewStream. InterviewStream is an online interactive interview process where you can tailor the practice interview to whatever way you see fit.

In order to start InterviewStream you are going to need a computer with a webcam, microphone, and speakers. If you do not have any of these you are more than welcome to use our interview room to conduct your mock interview. After setting it all up you will pick and choose what kind of interview you would like. There are general interview questions that are asked by a prerecorded person and there are also questions that are more specific to different fields to choose from. After picking the questions that you would like, you are ready to start the interview. The prerecorded interviewer will ask you the questions chosen and the webcam will start recording you as you answer them. After answering questions you can review the video of your responses and look for anything that you may need to improve on. In InterviewStream there are also helpful expert tips, tutorials, interview webinars, places to schedule interviews, links to helpful resources and much more.

This process is a perfect way to conduct an interview in a professional manner while at the same time being able to see yourself as you would answer the questions in your real interview. InterviewStream is a fun new interactive tool that will prepare you for an interview and put you above the competition. If you would like to learn more about InterviewStream feel free to contact Career Services for more information at 541-737-4085.