By:  Silver Trujillo, Career Assistant & OSU Junior

Don't let this be you!
Don't let this be you!

Resumes are a crucial piece to finding the job you’re looking for, whether it’s a part time position, or the dream job you’ve always wanted. When asked how their resume is looking, many people reply with, “My resume is great, it doesn’t need any work.”  But is any resume ever perfect? There is always room for improvement.

Often times people confuse that question with how much experience they have listed, as opposed to the resume layout and format. A person may have tons of experience, but they may not correctly show it on their resume.  A great example is shown below.

Great experience, but not-so-great layout or content:

November-September   Sales Associate    Prestigious company inc.          Corvallis, OR.

  • Talk to people
  • Write reports
  • Check if items are in stock
  • Show new sales associates how things are done

Great experience, great layout and content:

11/1/05-Present                              Prestigious Company Inc. Corvallis, OR

Sales Associate

  • Assist in processing and replenishing merchandise and monitoring floor stock
  • Participate and contribute to the development of customer relation programs offered to clients, prospects and company employees
  • Maintain contact with all customers in the market area to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Responsible for training new employees by showing them work policies and excellent customer service

Keep in mind that this is one of the many aspects of a resume that can be improved. For more resume tips, follow the link to our career guide.

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