Posted by Anne, Career Counselor

What does your future hold?
What does your future hold?

Let’s say you have a really important interview coming up.  (This is no doubt because you attended our fall Career Fair and you scored an on-campus interview opportunity!)  Anyway, you’ve done your prep work.  You’ve prepared a list of strengths and weaknesses, generated your top 5 “success stories” from college, and practiced in front of the mirror til you’re tired of looking at yourself.  You waltz into that interview room, and nail those questions.  And then the interviewer asks…

“So, where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Yikes.  The one question you didn’t prepare for.  You were so focused on what you’ve done that you forgot to explore where you’re going.  You’re so focused on this job, that you forgot to plan ahead.  This is common, and this particular question can be a tough one.  The best answer will differ depending on your industry, but here are some great pointers and some responses you want to avoid when elaborating on your future goals.

Now back to the mirror…more practice!