Thanks for everything!

Taking my last dropped blog post. Thanks again for a great term TAs! Have a good winter break.


Taking a freebee this week since the lowest two scores are dropped. Thanks for all you do TAs!

Not sure how anyone does it

a slight departure This blog will be a slight departure from previous blog formats. Usually provide a recap of work done the previous week, along with a reflection on what went well and what didn’t. This week I want to focus my attention on school and work. Specifically, working as an engineer while taking classes… Continue reading Not sure how anyone does it

Is this what coding is?

Reflection This was the first week I’ve had the chance to do some real coding on the project. The first few weeks were spent mostly building infrastructure and setting up a deployment pipeline. I think I’ve finally nailed the last pieces of the pipeline and can now focus 100% on feature implementation. It was fun… Continue reading Is this what coding is?

More Infrastructure

Reflection This was a week of sinking a lot of time into what felt like not a lot done. I focused this week on standing up the database and deploying the app to Heroku for Capstone. We also decided to drop Typescript which meant recreating the front-end from scratch. Setting up MySQL locally is a… Continue reading More Infrastructure

It’s Alive!

Reflection And exciting week! The team put together our Project Plan. It was fun to finally start thinking through the design of our project, which will be a job tracker. We put together a solid plan for each week, laid out the high level features and structure of the app, the technology we would use,… Continue reading It’s Alive!

Starting To Find It

Reflection Starting to find my stride. As the work picks up I am starting to find my groove. A few weeks ago I was worried I’d be counting down the days. I am now counting down the weeks. An improvement. My team and I have had some trouble syncing up. One of my teammates has… Continue reading Starting To Find It

Running on Fumes

The Set Up This is going to be both an exciting and tough term. I graduate in 9 weeks. Count it 1, 2, 3….9. I am ready to return to a normal schedule and all the hobbies that have been on the back burner for the last 2 1/2 years. I am no longer a… Continue reading Running on Fumes

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!