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And exciting week! The team put together our Project Plan. It was fun to finally start thinking through the design of our project, which will be a job tracker. We put together a solid plan for each week, laid out the high level features and structure of the app, the technology we would use, and put together some UI wireframes and datastore ERD diagram.

I also established the application, setting up the frontend and backend as well as providing some basic documentation. React has a nice CI tool that makes installing the basic scaffolding for a React/Typescript frontend easy. I also set up the backend with Flask, including serving the compiled frontend static files. The application is set up to run just the frontend, just the backend, or compiling and running in “production”. The ReadMe provides the steps to install and run the app both in dev and production modes.

I also set up the GitHub repository with basic CI/CD, requiring at least one approval to merge code into the main branch. We may pursue a testing suite as we develop the app but for now it just requires an approved pull request.

Week 3

  • Established and set up basic scaffolding for front and backend up app
  • Wrote up a Readme with steps for how to install and run the app
  • Set up a GitHub repo with basic CI/CD features
  • Went through a quick React tutorial to refresh myself since I work with Angular at my job
  • Submitted my first 493 assignment and started writing a C# .NET API for the second assignment

What Went Well and What Didn’t

Everything went smoothly this week. There were no blockers and I was able to get everything established to start working on the app. It was rewarding to get everything started and run a working app, even if for now it just serves a basic page with a title.

It felt good to be at a place in my skills development that work like setting up a new app is easy and doesn’t requires hours of troubleshooting. I am getting better at quickly parsing documentation and finding just what is needed.

493 is going well. I completed the first real assignment and am excited to continue to use C# .NET to develop the API. RESTful APIs lend themselves well to OOP languages and the structured, engineered tools ASP.NET provides. It comes with a steeper learning curve but makes for extensible and flexible apps with distinct logical layers.

This week’s quote:

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

– Kofi Annan
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