Starting To Find It


Starting to find my stride. As the work picks up I am starting to find my groove. A few weeks ago I was worried I’d be counting down the days. I am now counting down the weeks.

An improvement.

My team and I have had some trouble syncing up. One of my teammates has been on the road and we haven’t really found our groove as a team yet. I know this will turn around and there isn’t a ton of deliverables yet. I am willing to bet we are all warming up to the term and will all start to find a rhythm.

We plan to meet tomorrow to discuss tech stack and plan to overall project. I told them that my only tool requirement was Typescript for the frontend. I don’t mind if it is React, Angular, or vanilla but Typescript is so much better than vanilla Javascript. I really like working with statically typed languages and the OOP features make collaborating so much easier, as you can better scaffold and develop an application architecture. I hope to mostly work on the backend so if we end up going with vanilla Javascript it isn’t the end of the world.

Week 2

  • Starting reading up on some tech stacks we could use for our project. Learning Google Cloud in 493 so perhaps we could host the app there
  • We have decided on the job tracker app. Should be a good platform to develop our web skills. Perhaps a mobile app time permitting
  • It is looking like I will mostly work on backend. Perhaps we can use something like C# ASP.NET for the backend if I am the only one touching it for the most part. It does seem like a lot of the app is frontend.

What Went Well And What Didn’t

The last week of calm before the storm of the next 8 weeks begins. We will start to scaffold the app, write up features and user stores, and start to implement next week. I am excited to start on the project. So I guess having one more calm week is ‘what went well’.

Unfortunately, we’ve had some early communication issues. I think once we get in a groove that will improve. I also hope that with proper user story assignment we will be able to work well asynchronously. We wrote up our team standards and am glad everyone agreed that all pull requests require at least one reviewer.

This week’s quote:

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt
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