Running on Fumes

The Set Up

This is going to be both an exciting and tough term. I graduate in 9 weeks. Count it 1, 2, 3….9. I am ready to return to a normal schedule and all the hobbies that have been on the back burner for the last 2 1/2 years. I am no longer a young man. I am a 35 year old student who has recently transitioned into Software Engineering. My job has been pretty demanding and juggling this last term and work is going to be tough. It has been tough for these last few years but this may the toughest yet. The finish line is in site but I have quite the last hill to climb to get there. Let’s see what I can do to change that mindset. Who knows, maybe this blog will help me as much as it does any like-minded student reading it.

I am really excited for these last two classes. I am taking the Capstone course, where I and two other teammates plan and develop a project of our choosing from the ground up. I am also taking Cloud Development, where we are going to learn to build and deploy web APIs. I plan to put everything I have into these last two courses. The question remains: what do I have left to give? At the moment I am feeling pretty low energy after work. But this isn’t the first time I’ve felt this way and this is usually the calm before the storm. Once I get into the habit of class and work again it is like a switch turns on. I am able to burn the midnight oil and put everything into my coursework.

The Goal

The goal of this blog is to write about my experiences, both from a technical and emotional point-of-view. The format will usually start with a bit of a focused tangent, followed by what went well and what didn’t. Lastly a quick recap of accomplishments. I’ll end each post with a quote I find relevant to the week. Follow along my journey as I fluctuate weekly if not daily from super motivated to flat burned out. All the while building API endpoints, debugging deployment container bugs, and attempting to write clean, well designed C# code.

Week 1

  • Connected with a classmate I’d worked with in previous courses and decided to work together on the capstone project
  • Wrote up in a discussion board and found a third teammate. Seems like a bright and hardworking person
  • Brainstormed about project ideas and landed on making a job tracker fullstack app.
  • I will likely be mostly working on the backend as the other two teammates are more interested in the frontend

What Went Well And What Didn’t

Finding teammates for Capstone went well. They both seem like easygoing but engaged. They are both on the east coast so we will need to plan for asynchronous development most of the time. Using git and GitHub will be very important.

I ran into some early issues with the first assignment for 493. I requested to use C#/.NET as the course is taught in Python and Javascript. I use .NET at work and thought it would benefit me to spend as much time with it as possible. Since Google Cloud does not support .NET in it’s Standard Environment it requires a bit more work to deploy .NET app. I ended up spinning my wheels on a static file issues that ended up just being a pathing issue. My deploy command was pointing to the wrong compiled C# files. Under the release folder there are the standard compiled files but there is also a Publish subfolder that includes the same files as well as any static files. Took me an embarrassingly long time to resolve.

I want to leave each week with a quote. Here is one for this first post:

Really, the measure of a man is when they’re tired and exhausted.”

– George Eads
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