Finishing CS467

We are coming to the close of the capstone project for the post bachelor degree in Computer Science. While I had some trepidation of working with a random team, I’ve found it to be a good experience. My teammates were knowledgeable and competent to communicate and code their portions. They have shown up to every… Continue reading Finishing CS467

Postman Part 2 – Tests

Last week I went over the basics of Postman testing for a REST API. I detailed how to create an environment, a collection, and how to set up a basic request. Today I’m going to go into more detail on tests you can run while making your request. Automated tests can look for many things… Continue reading Postman Part 2 – Tests

Testing an API With Postman

Postman is an excellent tool that can be used to test API functionality. What makes Postman so useful is that you can generate and save a variety of request types that would be difficult to do with just a browser. For example, you can create and save POST requests without creating a form, typing in… Continue reading Testing an API With Postman


Introduction When I was first learning about REST API, I struggled to understand what was going on. REST, which stands for representational state transfer can be easily understood if you look at its two most basic principles – endpoint names and using HTTP actions correctly. REST essentially creates a system where anyone working with the… Continue reading Easy REST API


Around October of last year, my girlfriend and I decided to adopt a dog from the local animal shelter. Tigger, her old dog whom I had come to love and adore had passed away earlier in the year. After half a years healing and feeling the emptiness of the house without a dog, we decided… Continue reading Topaz

Tech Stack For A Software Programming Quiz Web Application

Introduction After having submitted a survey to choose my capstone project, I was assigned the software programming quiz web application. The basics of the project involve the following: must be accessible by web browser for interaction via a desktop computer have a responsive design to work on any device use a backend to store quiz… Continue reading Tech Stack For A Software Programming Quiz Web Application


Staying motivated is challenging. Starting the post-baccalaureate program I struggled to find a reason to work so hard after my 40 hour a week job. I enrolled in the Oregon State post-baccalaureate computer science program because I wanted to learn a new skill that I struggled to learn in my free time. I figured putting… Continue reading Motivations

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