Tech Stack For A Software Programming Quiz Web Application


After having submitted a survey to choose my capstone project, I was assigned the software programming quiz web application. The basics of the project involve the following:

  • must be accessible by web browser for interaction via a desktop computer
  • have a responsive design to work on any device
  • use a backend to store quiz and employer information
  • email students with a link to the quiz

Each of these points can be broken down into the software stack my team has decided to use.


React provides a great foundation to create an amazing front-end for our web application. It also allows us to easily modularize the pages to break up the work equally. We all expressed interest in learning more about React as it’s one of the most popular front-end technologies to know.


Next we have to consider how to make the application responsive to different screen sizes. For a basic webpage, Bootstrap is a great way to accomplish this task. Luckily for those using React, there is a Bootstrap library with components pre-made. Using this library will allow us to all be consistent and have our pages be responsive.

Google App Engine

For the backend we have decided to use Google App Engine and Google Datastore NoSQL database. Two of my group-mates already had experience using this service. It also provides a cheap, scalable, easy to use platform for hosting basic Node.js servers. We will have our backend and frontend servers hosted on Google App Engine.


This portion is the one that’s most up in the air. While all the other portions of our stack are foundational to how the software will be written and hosted, the emailing portion has a variety of packages that could be used. EmailJS seems like a simple solution to use that works with an associated gmail account. Several tutorials I’ve seen also show how it works well within a React framework.


Finally, we will be using GitHub to version control and share code. We’re all very familiar with this service now, and have decided rules for pull requests and code reviews.


As can be seen from the tech stack we have chosen to use, the foundation of everything is JavaScript. What is cool about this is that the vast majority of this project can be done using one language. We don’t need to find ways to integrate different languages because Javascript can do everything on the front-end and back-end. JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages, and is the foundation for modern web applications viewed through a browser.


I look at this project as a way to fine tune my skills in JavaScript and hopefully master more of the language. I’m hoping to work on modern web applications when I’ve finished school. I’d like to work on the most popular frameworks available. I’m excited that my group-mates show a desire to work with the same tech stack that I want to master.


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