Around October of last year, my girlfriend and I decided to adopt a dog from the local animal shelter. Tigger, her old dog whom I had come to love and adore had passed away earlier in the year. After half a years healing and feeling the emptiness of the house without a dog, we decided… Continue reading Topaz

Tech Stack For A Software Programming Quiz Web Application

Introduction After having submitted a survey to choose my capstone project, I was assigned the software programming quiz web application. The basics of the project involve the following: must be accessible by web browser for interaction via a desktop computer have a responsive design to work on any device use a backend to store quiz… Continue reading Tech Stack For A Software Programming Quiz Web Application


Staying motivated is challenging. Starting the post-baccalaureate program I struggled to find a reason to work so hard after my 40 hour a week job. I enrolled in the Oregon State post-baccalaureate computer science program because I wanted to learn a new skill that I struggled to learn in my free time. I figured putting… Continue reading Motivations

Hello world!

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