Coalition of Graduate Employees

The Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE) represents the interests and rights of Oregon State University’s graduate employees through the bargaining and maintenance of a fair working contract. They strive to create a community of graduate employees empowered to advocate for collective issues.

Journal Clubs

Students and faculty often organize to discuss current literature, research interests, and individual research projects. This department and other departments involved in the life sciences have clubs and groups that focus on such areas as genetics, ecology, systematics, plant pathology, and plant physiology. Students should contact the appropriate programs or consider initiating a journal club reflecting their own interests.

Special Interest Groups

Students and faculty interested in specialized areas have opportunities for participation in a variety of campus and academic activities. The following is a brief list of groups that may be of interest to graduate students. Information on other groups and activities can be found in the University catalog and from the MU Activities Office.

Biology Graduate Student Symposium – Each winter a research symposium is held in Corvallis, in which graduate students in science departments, including Botany and Plant Pathology, Integrative Biology, Forestry, Entomology, and Biochemistry, present brief talks describing their work. All students are encouraged to participate.

Sigma Xi – A national scientific honor society that sponsors lectures and symposia, publishes the journal, American Scientist, and provides limited travel and research funding for member graduate students. Membership is by invitation.

Women in Science  – Women in Science provides support and resources for women in science at Oregon State University, particularly graduate students, research assistants, and early-career faculty members. Activities include meetings with featured speakers, networking, and workshops on topics relevant to women in science. We continually collaborate with other “Women In” groups on campus to promote diversity and inclusivity in science and other related topics.

Office of International Services  sponsors many different programs to help international students feel welcome and form community in Corvallis.

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