International students are required to enroll in the OSU insurance plan. OSU requires that all non-resident international students and their dependents (living in the United States) be covered by health insurance. The health insurance must meet federal, state and OSU requirements. Graduate assistants, graduate fellows, and postdoctoral scholar and fellows have a separate mandatory health insurance plan through their appointment/fellowship. For Ecampus students, If you live within 50 miles of the Corvallis campus, you have the option to purchase health insurance through the OSU-sponsored plan.

A list of plans for fellows and graduate student assistants is found here.

General information about graduate assistant insurance plan:

  • The Graduate Employee Health Plan through PacificSource includes platinum-level coverage for medical, dental, and vision services.
  • Per the Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE) union bargaining agreement, Article 28, Oregon State University contributes 90% of the monthly premium for the employee and dependent coverage, plus 50% of the administration fee. The employee pays 10% of the monthly premium for themselves and dependent coverage, plus 50% of the administration fee.
  • Premium payments are automatically deducted from your paycheck monthly.
  • Summer session insurance includes the same level of PacificSource Health coverage for July, August, and September as was held during the preceding academic year. The premiums are deducted over a course of 9 months between October and June, prior to summer session. No premiums are deducted in July, August, or September if premiums are prepaid during the academic year. Therefore to avoid paying for insurance that will not be used, it is important to opt out of summer coverage at the beginning of the academic year if you plan to be graduating in June.

Source: Office of Human Resources, Oregon State University 


Student Health Services is located in the Plageman Building (across from Weniger Hall) has MD and LPN services, pharmacy, etc. Phone 7-9355 for more information.

The Benton County Health Department (541-766-6835) and the Benton County Mental Health Clinic (541-766-6835) both located at 530 NW 27th Street, provide a number of services (including required vaccinations) on a sliding scale fee basis. Call for appointments.

Counseling/Community Resources

A number of University counseling services are available to students and their families. These include Counseling & Psychological Services (Phone 7-2131) for personal, educational-vocational, and marriage counseling. An appointment is necessary and there is a nominal fee after the first six visits. There are also Student Legal Counselors (free) in the MU Student Events and Activities Center, who can help, especially in landlord-tenant disputes. The Women’s Center located in the Benton Annex (7-3186) offers support for both men and women students.

Community Outreach, Inc. offers a number of emergency services. Call 541-758-3000 for more about programs and eligibility, or stop in at Sunflower House, 128 SW 9th Street (between Monroe and Madison). Many of their programs have restrictions, so call first to find out the requirements. Community Outreach does a good job of providing information and referring questions/clients to the right resources, so do not hesitate to call if you have a question.

The Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence provides counseling and support services including crisis intervention and temporary shelter for victims of abuse. For information call 541-758-0219) or 541-754-0110(hotline).

The Daily Barometer is the free student news source published Monday through Friday.

The Guide to Student Life is a very useful resource containing information about many services, organizations, and activities. It is updated annually and available at the Student Events and Activities Center located in the Memorial Union.

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