Tips for Getting Around

On the east end of the campus the streets running north and south are numbered away from the Willamette River (1st, 2nd, 3rd street, etc.). Avenues running east and west are named in chronological order of U.S. Presidents (Washington, Adams, etc.). Monroe Avenue is the dividing line between NW and SW. Thus, 202 SW 2nd Street would be two blocks south of Monroe. Northwest Corvallis does not have a systematic naming of streets.


Housing in Corvallis is tight and you should find a place as early as possible, well in advance of the beginning of the term. For complete information, check Craigslist, the local newspaper (Corvallis Gazette-Times) and the University Housing Office (102 Buxton Hall). Options range from dorms to university-owned apartments, married-student housing, mobile home parks, rooming houses, apartments or houses shared or single. If you don’t have a place to stay when you arrive, contact a GSA officer who will find you a temporary place with another student while you are looking. Planning this is easier for everybody if you can let us know about your needs early.

Utilities and Services


A car is often more trouble than it’s worth around campus. If you must drive, a student parking permit may be purchased at registration or at the Parking Services Office. This permit allows you to park in student areas. Parking permits range from one day to a full year. The Coalition of Graduate Employees (the grad union) has a limited number of faculty/staff parking permits each year. A better solution is to get a bicycle and a helmet. Corvallis is relatively flat and well-suited for bicycling (campus biking resources). Register your bicycle for free with Campus Security at the Public Safety Building. Bicycles are often recovered after they were stolen and the registration will help to get it back to you. Keep your bicycle locked at all times while on campus. Bicycles are subject to frequent theft. There are free campus shuttle buses, that cover different parts of campus connecting parking lots and central campus that run approximately every 5 or 15 minutes. A shuttle map and live-tracker are available to monitor the next arrival. You can ride the Corvallis Transit System, FREE; schedules are available next to the MU Business office.

Used Furniture and Household Items

Check craigslist, the OSU Folk Club Thrift Store (corner of Jackson and NW 2nd St.), The ARC Resale Corner (928 NW Beca Ave, 541-754-9011), and garage sales. OSUsed sales are great for office furniture, tables, chairs, etc. Check their website for sales dates and times.

Voting and Driving In Oregon

Voter Registration. To vote in Oregon, you must be a United States Citizen, 18 years old, and be an Oregon resident. You must be registered to vote at least 20 days before an election. Registration forms may be obtained at most banks, the Benton County Courthouse (120 NW 4th St.), and the DMV Office (850 NE Circle Blvd., 541-757-4191).Register to vote online or by mail. (Benton County Director of Records & Elections: 541-757-6756 or Linn County Clerk: 541-967- 3831)

Oregon Driver’s Licenses are available at the Oregon Division of Motor Vehicles located at 850 NE Circle Blvd., (541-757-7191). Drivers with valid licenses from another state must take the written and eye tests. If you pass the written test, you get your license the same day. Out-of-state students should apply for an Oregon license as soon as they establish a residence. Students without a valid drivers license from a U.S. State or Territory, or Canada, are required to take a written, road sign/vision, and a behind the wheel drivers test to receive an Oregon license. The behind the wheel drivers test requires an appointment and a vehicle to take the test in. New drivers must present a legal document with their full name and date of birth on it and evidence of Oregon Address (e.g. Bank Statement). Your Oregon Drivers License is valid for four years.


The Corvallis is area is great for convenient and diverse recreation opportunities. The Cascade Mountains are approximately 60 miles east of town, and the Pacific Ocean is approximately 55 miles west. Locally, there are many bike paths and hiking trails. Some local popular hiking spots include McDonald Forest, Mary’s Peak for an excellent view of the valley, and Avery Park for picnicking. On campus, there are gyms and the Dixon Recreation Center. The Outdoor Program rents camping equipment, canoes, etc., and organizes many trips during the year. Many members of the department are avid joggers, racquetball players, tennis players, backpackers, cross-country and downhill-skiers, swimmers, canoers, etc.

Oregon State Credit Union. The main office of this member-owned, non-profit cooperative financial institution is located at 1980 NW 9th St. (541-714-4000) with branches next to campus (148 NW 25th St) and 4800 SW Research Way. See the Credit Union’s list of the many other branches in western Oregon.

All regular OSU graduate students, alumni, and people who work at OSU, plus family members of this last group, can join the Credit Union.

Checking accounts are free of charge. There is a charge for overdrawing your account but you can arrange for over-draft protection. You can have your OSU payroll check direct-deposited into your Credit Union account. Savings accounts earn competitive market rates.

The Credit Union has ATM and Visa Cards that you can use (free) at ATM’s located outside the main office on NW 25th Street, at the MU on the OSU Campus, at WinCo Foods in the Timberhill Shopping Center, at Starbucks (downtown at 3rd & Madison), Bookbin on 3rd St and the branch on Main St., Philomath. Cards can be used at ATMs (free in the CO-OP network, or with a small charge) nationwide and internationally.

The Credit Union offers a no-fee Notary Public. Financial counseling is also available for those who have spent more than they have earned or if you can’t figure out what to do with excess money.

In addition, the Credit Union offers a Phone Access Teller (PAT) System in which you can check on cleared checks, account balances, and to transfer funds from one account to another. PAT is available at 541-714-4140. They also offer access to your account via your home computer. This system is called the Personal Branch. Check with the Credit Union on how to access Personal Branch.

Other Local Banks are Bank of America, Citizens Bank, Key Bank, U.S. Bank, Chase, Umpqua Bank, Wells Fargo, as well as several Federal Savings & Loan Associations. Most of these have facilities in Corvallis, Philomath and Albany.

Other Resources

See the Corvallis Living Guide produced by the Office of Student Life at OSU.

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