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xxx xx, 2012

Closer to the Finish

Progress is being made on the race bike – it’s coming along nicely, and will be worth waiting for.

While I’m waiting, I am keeping my eyes open for bargains of gear that I will eventually need. I found road-racing boots on eBay for 1/4 their value (sold by a man who’s next eBay transaction was to purchase a baby stroller. Sad and happy all at the same time). Earlier this month I spotted a better quality helmet than the one I own at the local Goodwill store, but the price was too high. It fit perfectly and although it had some pink in the color, it also had the checkered flag beckoning to me. Since it was missing the foam pad in the top, I asked for a discount, but was refused… I looked it up on line and it was 1/2 to 1/3 the price that model and brand were going for on the internet, so I couldn’t fault them for not lowering the price. Two weeks went by and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Finally, I decided I’d buy it. Went into the store, half hoping it was gone, so I wouldn’t have to discuss with my wife why I needed a motorcycle helmet when I already had a perfectly fine one, but there it was. Once again, I pointed out the missing comfort pad and asked if they knock some off the price – the clerk when into the back with it and came out later with a new price tag, 20% off! Ha.

Here’s some nice progress to report. Remember the sawmill blade we were going to turn into a hot-shoe? Well the hot shoe is done.

Here’s some pics. Maybe the next pictures will be of a running motorcycle…

The Saw Blade and the Boot
The Sole is cut from the Super-Hard Saw Steel
Boot Shoe & Helmet
Some Detail

You may have noticed I’m fond of the red/white color scheme – I always have been, and it might harken back to my first vehicle, the ubiquitous Red Flyer wagon we all had as kids. Anyway, both Triumphs in this blog are red/white, the race bike we’re now talking about is going to be red/white and since I’m not as man-secure as I thought I was, the helmet is also going to be red/white.

My favorite scheme of all time for any race bike are the red/white Yamahas like Kenny Roberts rode in 1981 and last year’s 50th anniversary MotoGP racers of  Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies. The new helmet and the race bike will pay homage to them.

Here’s a picture of the 2011 Yamaha GP 50th anniversary racer and the work that I’m doing on the new helmet.

For the final top-coat of clear I wanted something shiny and hard, like it would be if it came from a professional auto painter. I have used a product called PJ-1 that was pretty good, but not like a genuine 2-part paint, so I’ve been looking for the right thing for a long time. NAPA auto parts will mix your color using expensive, professional paint and put it in spray cans for you, but the minimum is 4 cans and they have to be used that day… Then I found a product called SprayMax 2K – It looks like a ordinary can of spray paint, but has a plunger at the bottom where you can release the hardener component and the results are very good. A deep, shiny super-hard clear finish that dries in 4 hours, fully cured in 24. It’s very toxic – so read the details below…



I could not find the product locally, so I purchased mine from a seller on eBay – 2K GLAMOUR High Gloss Clear Coat – Spray Max 3680061 – kustompaintsupply ( 2693) 99.9% – The manufacturer says it will cover ‘All basecoats’ – I used Rustoleum for my various layers, waiting 48+ hours in between colors and another 48+ before putting one good coat of the SprayMax clear.

It’s a toxic blend “for professional use” so I had a cartridge mask on hand that I employed, plus I used a good exhaust fan in the area of my shop where I paint. I’m a rattle-can hack – a long way from a professional painter, and I’m not very patient – but this project has the best results of any spray can job I’ve ever attempted.

Here’s a link to the data sheet: and a quip from them about base coats.
Tech Data Sheet: http://www.uschem.com/products/docs/…nglish_TDS.pdf

COLOR: Clear liquid (as packaged)
MIX: Ready to spray. Activate, shake and spray.
SUBSTRATE: Properly applied basecoats
SUGGESTED USE: For use over all basecoats.


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