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End of the Line

Dec. 2013
Summer came and went, had a wonderful time racing attending 4 events. In June I traveled to Straddleline ORV Park near Olympia Washington for Dino Daze vintage motorcycle racing – Primarily a motocross event, but they have a fantastic flat track and I entered the ’60 plus’ class. My buddy James Torpey was there and he entered my bike in a 250 class and raced it leading all the other Bultacos and purpose-built racers right up to the very last corner taking second place. It sure was exciting to see my bike do so well in capable hands. When it was my turn, there was just two other racers to compete with both in a 70+ class. This was going to be easy! Those old codgers were in their 70s! Ha. Ha on me… Flag drops and by the second turn they were a half a lap ahead of me! Jeepers! Bigger bikes and thoroughly experienced riders. Well, of course I came in last place, but once again I was the only one in my class, so add another trophy to the case.

Later in the summer the outdoor track opened in Albany Oregon and I raced there three times. There were lots of quads, midgets and go-carts, but only 4 or 5 bikes. At no time during any of those practices, heat races or main events was I ever out of last place. This was becoming embarrassing.

I began to sour on the whole deal – True, it is certainly exhilarating to lay the bike way over in a corner and break the rear loose with the throttle and get a little crossed up coming out, but the never-ending bottom of the pile and fear of getting hurt really gave me doubts.

Fate took any decision regarding ‘should I stay or should I go’ when on my birthday in October I slipped in the back yard and tore my ACL. Actually I tore my ACL and my MCL plus fractured my tibia. Of course this was my left leg. Having my outrigger leg dangling by fewer ligaments, facing a long, and costly mend, and waning desire to keep racing put an end to my big chance to grab a bit of youth before fading into the rocking chair years. Heck. I’m 62, and that I even got out there at all is a win for me. I’ll take the good parts and leave the rest.

It was fun – But the race bike has been sold (er) traded for a cafe racer project, so there will be an end of this blog here, and soon the start of another.

Thanks for the fun – I had a lot of it!

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