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Nov 30, 2012

While I Wasn’t Looking

The ‘mechanic up the road’ AKA the builder of this bike and the builder of the bike which we recently sold to an Australian, has surprised me with both projects. The rate of progress is painfully slow – while there is some items finished this week, and a few other small things finished the next week, overall, his (excellent) work takes forever to get done.

However, on both projects the final week has been like magic! He would bring both bikes to about 80% completion – making me worry that we had months ahead of us, when bam! – They’re suddenly done!

It happened with the 650 Triumph of my previous blog. We were both aware that bike needed to get finished and sold in order for him to get paid for this race bike, but time was dragging on and on, then suddenly he called me and said “It’s done, let’s get it listed”. Same thing with this race bike.

Last weekend it was parts and pieces laying about his shop, and yesterday I showed up to find what’s in the pictures below! Later today we’ll see if it will start and try to get it on the track for tomorrow’s practice session at the Salem Racetrack.


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