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Paige’s Next Adventure

Dear OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni Family;

It is exciting to tell you that after 11 years of working to bring our pharmacy alumni family together, to build the college’s continuing education programming, and to be part of important professional accomplishments for many of you, I am truly thrilled to be launching into an incredible professional opportunity in the fast-paced world of pharmacy technology…  

On May 10, 2021 I take on the role of Vice President of Programs and Policy at the groundbreaking pharmacy technology company, Prescryptive. This is an opportunity for me to impact pharmacy practice across our nation in a transformative and pivotal manner.   I leave the OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni Office in excellent hands with our Dean’s office managing coming events, and I will be advising and consulting on the CE side of things going forward via a contracted relationship.  Together we have built a stronger, more connected, and meaningful OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni network.  Thank you all for coming along on this journey with the college as we built the college’s class reunion/Homecoming framework, built OSU College of Pharmacy’s Women in Pharmacy group, expanded our Icons award program to include the annual Outstanding Young Alumnus, developed our Entrepreneurial Academy, built our Rx for Success Alumni support program, transformed our communications and our BeaveRx Magazine, and of built our nationally recognized CE programming.  Each of you have been a part of all of this.  You inspire me every day.  Your work is astounding as you care for your patients and serve the profession.

It has been a joy to be part of your professional development and to see over 1200 of you launch successful pharmacy careers and assist others of you with your professional growth, job transitions, CE certifications, and MBAs.  You have shared your personal accomplishments, weddings, babies, retirements, and celebrations with me here at the college, and that remains the highlight of my tenure at OSU.  

This next professional adventure offers me the opportunity to shape our profession in profound ways on a national scale that will help pharmacists survive and to thrive at a crucial moment in our profession.  The healthcare landscape is complex and solving problems for pharmacists and patients by leveraging the most advanced technology is a truly exciting opportunity that will transform elements of our profession.  

Pharmacists are great people. OSU College of Pharmacy peopletranscend great.  You are quite simply, the most wonderful people.   Thank you for sharing your lives, your professional endeavors, your collegiality, and your friendship with me.  I will continue wearing some orange out there…and I hope to see you at upcoming OSU College of Pharmacy events!  

Join me, wear some orange, and visit the college during Homecoming weekend in October in Corvallis…

Fondest regards to you all and -GO BEAVS!

Paige Clark