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College of Pharmacy names a new Pharmaceutical Sciences Department Chair

The College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University is pleased to announce that Dr. Chrissa Kioussi, has been appointed as the new Chair in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Dr. Kioussi is a professor in the College of Pharmacy. Her research focuses on the developmental programs that define how different gene subsets become available to each particular cell type as the body forms. She uses animal models to understand the molecular mechanisms and signals that embryos normally use to create functional organs with the aim to build body parts to correct birth defects in newborns or replace body parts in aging.

Dr. Kioussi started in her new role on April 12, 2021. She welcomes the opportunity to provide intellectual and administrative leadership and work with the Dean, faculty, staff, and partners to advances the academic mission of the department and college. As the chair of the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, she will promote and support the faculty to achieve a meaningful and professional life via their recognition for prevention, treatment and cure of disease through innovative research and education in the pharmaceutical sciences.