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Annie Migaki (’76) Making Masks during COVID-19

What does a retired pharmacist do when she can’t work? 
Annie Migaki’s response, “Drink lots of coffee & make OSU Masks!”

Alumni Annie Migaki (’76) has made over 260 masks during the stay-at-home order to send to friends and loved ones.

When we asked her how it got started, this was her response:
“This project started around mid-March when Ikoi No Kai (A senior lunch program located in SE Portland) was shut down due to COVID-19. Gerry MIgaki (‘75) & I have volunteered in the kitchen at this program since we both retired.
In order to notify all the patrons who normally come in, I worked with the manager of the program to put together phone and email list to try and contact everyone to let them know that it has suddenly shut down so they won’t show up expecting lunch.
My niece, Kristen Dozono, who is a realtor but also volunteers as a server on Tuesdays knew quite a few of the community and was concerned about their welfare as well as the rest of the Japanese community. She contacted me for the list and started calling all the patrons, as well as others in the Japanese community to ask them how they are doing and if they needed a mask, which was in short supply all over the city.
It actually was Kristen who spearheaded this project, enlisted volunteers to make and deliver masks to people who needed them. They were all grateful for the concern that she had cared to contact them.
So my part in this is small. I sew masks and wait for Kristen to contact me to deliver to people on the West side of Portland (since I live near Beaverton). Most that I have delivered to are seniors in their 80’s & 90’s.”

Annie has mailed masks to Sequim WA, La Grande OR, Santa Rosa CA, Penn Valley CA, Lexington KY, Seattle WA, San Francisco CA, Eugene OR, Glen New Hampshire, New York City NY and Milbridge ME besides delivering to the Portland/Vancouver area. She said that this has been a great time to brush up on her sewing skills!

Great work Annie!