2017 Student Recognition Banquet

Thank you Samaritan Health Services for sponsoring this event
The 2017 Student Recognition Banquet on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 was a great success and marked the end of another successful year for the College of Pharmacy. The evening was abuzz with laughter and lively conversation as we joined one another in celebration for the outstanding accomplishments of our students and faculty. Thank you to Samaritan Health Services for sponsoring this special evening.

Cathy Zerhung and Sarah Thomas were recognized as the 2017 Preceptor of the Year.

2017 Preceptor of the Year recipients, Cathy Zerhung and Sarah Thomas with Dr. Juancho Ramirez 
College of Pharmacy’s, Andrea Friesen was recognized with the 2017 Outstanding Service Award for her commitment to serving the needs of our students. Thank you Andrea for all that you do.

2017 Outstanding Service Award winner,
Andrea Friesen with P2 students Katherine Roland and Jessica Niculcea
Faculty were also recognized by each class as they presented their professor of the year.
The P1 Class awarded Dr. BJ Philmus as the P1 Professor of the Year.

Dr. Philmus with P1 Class President Linda Dang (’20)

The P2 Class recognized Dr. Mark Leid as the P2 Professor of the Year.

P2 Professor of the Year winner, Dr. Mark Leid
with P2 Class President Bryan Smith (’19)

The P3 Class awarded Dr. Ali Olyaei with the P3 Professor of the Year Award.

Student Awards

An Unsung Hero Award is presented to one student from each class, recognizing them for their hard work and willingness to go above and beyond to assist their fellow students.

P1 Unsung Hero – Devon Heisler (’20)
P2 Unsung Hero – Odaisa Igwe (’19)
P3 Unsung Hero – Anthony McKenzie (’18)
P4 Unsung Hero – Julie Cha (’17)

Academic Achievement Awards are presented to students who have achieved an outstanding
academic record.

P1 Class (’20)

  • Leif Appanaitis – Highest GPA
  • Chelsea Harmon – Highest GPA
  • Chitra Kanchagar – Highest GPA
  • Maria Perez Herbison – Highest GPA
  • Rachel Proteau – Highest GPA
P2 Class (’19)
  • Michael Liebman – Highest GPA
  • Rusti Neukam – Highest GPA
  • Jason Wang – Highest GPA
P3 Class (’18)
  • Courtney Holmes – Highest GPA
  • Bo Weber – Second Highest GPA
  • Ian Wood – Third Highest GPA

EA President Natasha Malik (’19) with Paige Clark (’85)
Entrepreneurial Academy Leadership Award recognizes the student who has shown tremendous leadership within the organization throughout the year. Congratulations to Natasha Malik (’19), 2017 Entrepreneurial Academy President for winning this year’s award.
Student Leadership Awards are presented to our students who hold leadership positions within the many student-led leadership organizations within the College of Pharmacy.
  • Student Executive Council President:
    • Trevor Ross (’19)
  • Student Executive Council Secretary:
    • Ling Zhan (’19)
  • Student Executive Council Treasurer:
    • Dalia Oh (’19)
  • Student Executive Council Event Coordinator:
    • Katherine Rowland (’19)
  • Student Executive Council Fundraising Coordinator: Jessica Niculcia (’19)
  • P1 Class President: Josh Wang (’20)
  • P2 Class President: Bryan Smith (’19)
  • P3 Class President: John Myers (’18)
  • P4 Class President: Matt Thomas (’17)
  • All Hill Council:
    • Julia Zhukov (’18) & Amber Meier (’18)
  • APhA Student President: Daniel Breedlove (’18)
  • APhA Student President-elect:
    • Cameron Cargile (’19)
  • OSHP Student President:
    • Young Yoon Ham (’18)
  • OSHP Student President-elect:
    • Shannon O’Leary (’19)
  • ACCP President: Katie LaRue (’18)
  • ACCP President-elect: Peter Atkins (’19)
  • AMCP President: Kayla Burnette (’18)
  • AMCP President-elect: Olivia Stewart (’19)
  • NCPA Student President: Kelly Koval(’18)
  • NCPA Student President-elect: Natasha Malik (’19)
  • SNAPhA President: Yan Zhou (’18)
  • SNAPhA President-elect: Foua Xiong (’19)
  • Phi Delta Chi President: Anna Brecheisen (’19)
  • Rho Chi President: Cynthia Wong (’18)
  • Phi Lamda Sigma President:
    • Kayla Burnette (’18)
  • Student Recognition Banquet Coordinators:
    • Anna Brecheisen (’20) & Allie Schultz (’20)
  • Ambassadors who served from 2014-2017:
    • Sarah Brattain (’18)
    • Jo Choi-Nurvitadhi (’18)
    • Courtney Holmes (’18)
    • Tri Tran (’18)
    • Cece Wong (’18)
    • Julia Zhukov (’18)

The Night-Shades performed: With Vikki Li (’17), Victor Tran (’17), Teresa Pham (’17), and Austin Pliska (’17) with Dr. Gary DeLander

Victor Rojo (’20) performed on stage with his original song “Hero”

Jordan Feist (’20) performed her rendition of
Beyonce’s “Halo”

Lip Sync Competition
Throughout the evening we enjoyed viewing several student-made lip sync videos. These were submitted by students for their chance to win a $100 cash prize. Additional recognition to the College of Pharmacy Advising faculty for their special lip sync video submission. The student videos were judged by Paige Clark (’85), Director of Alumni Relations and Professional Development at OSU College of Pharmacy, and Penny Reher (’82), Samaritan Health Services event sponsor representative.

Thank you to all of our student participants who submitted a video to be viewed and judged. All submissions listed below.

P2 Submissions

Josh Miller, Shannon O’Leary, and Gina Lee
Hooked on a feeling
Shannon O’Leary, Gina Lee, & and Kate Jansen
This Girl
P4 Submissions 
Andrew Ma – Competition Winner
Let it go

Kevin Russell (’93), Amanda Jones (’17), Penny Reher (’82), and Paige Clark (’85) 

Thank you to Samaritan Health Services for making this event possible.