crackers, cheese, grapes and belonging

This week at the HSRC we emphasized belonging, the comfort that comes from being in community with one another, and the relaxation that comes from being in a space you know.

In this bag, you’ll find basic and delicious foods that can be eaten alone or contribute to a larger charcuterie board with your friends. A charcuterie board is an assortment of easy finger foods displayed together on a flat surface. Typically, these foods are shared in a gathering with one another. We’ve included some ideas as photos below!

So take a break and celebrate friendship over shared food at a picnic. Get fancy with it! Dress up, add a few other ingredients for a pop of color to the board, and enjoy your created edible art. Or get into something comfy and romanticize your life for a moment and have a snack in bed with the sun shining through your window.

However you choose to celebrate the feeling of belonging this week with the beaver bag, know that what you bring to the table is valuable, it is enough, and it matters. Even just a few simple ingredients on their own can be wonderful, but when we contribute to a larger piece, we are all even better.

Enjoy the grapes, crackers, and gouda cheese on their own, or as charcuterie board among friends. Engage in leisure, feel safe and whole in belonging, and gather to celebrate the little things together.


Dice up the gouda cheese or shape it into something fun!

Lay out the grapes out as decorative food or eat them on their own.

Eat the crackers one by one, lay them out as part of the larger board, or stack the cheese and a grape as a little sandwich!

Keep it these three ingredients if you like, or add even more cheese, crackers, fruits, deli meat, and veggies!

The best way to make a charcuterie board is to use a cutting board, a large baking sheet, a serving tray, or any kind of flat surface!

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Charcuterie Board Examples

At the blog you can read about how to make a gluten free charcuterie board. Beautiful photos and step by step instructions by Sharon Lachendro. Photo from blog below.

For a vegetarian take on charcuterie boards check out where Laurel writes about veggies and talks about variety to add to a vegetarian board. Photo from her blog

For vegan ideas check out the for discussion of variety of textures and flavor types to make an exciting board.

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