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The treasury feeds run 4 overall shell scripts: fwptrek,fwptred, fwrckrr, and chkload.  Fwptrek downloads a check file from US Bank and eventually loads it into the table fwbckrc.  Fwrckcc is also run in this script which is a critical report for controller’s (questionable checks).  This runs on the owag oracle scheduler at noon every weekday except for US Federal Holidays.  It can be run manually from owag job submission.   Fwptred downloads the direct deposits file from US Bank and runs fwrbssab to load it into table fwbbsdp.  It runs on owag oracle scheduler at 8 pm.  It can also be run directly via owag job submission.    Fwrckrr and chkload are job submission programs that controller’s runs.  Fwrckrr breaks up the check records in the table fwbckrc  into separate flat files  for the 5th sites and OSU.  There’s a payroll file and a regular check file.  Once the files are there, controller’s runs chkload to load individual 5th site Banner instances.  The OSU ones are just moved and archived but not loaded.



Although occasionally there is no file from the treasury to download at noon, most of the issues on this come from chkload.  Chkload used to be run 1 institution at a time but we gave them the option to select them all and so if the script aborts in one institution file it can hold up the rest after it.    Check in the /san/flat/ecs/owag/fin/treasury/chkrec/ directory for errors as well as the owag spool directory.  The file that has a bad record will process everything but that record so you don’t want to process it again.  You have to manually archive the file and send an email to controller’s with the bad record.  Once the bad file is archived they can run chkload again to finish the rest of the files.

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