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Before going abroad, I always thought that email marketing as spam. It was unsolicited without my consent. I’ve always been bored with email marketing, and I never knew email. But when I started learning digital marketing, I did know something about email marketing. E-mail marketing is a direct marketing method that uses email to communicate with audience customers. The value of e-mail marketing to enterprises is mainly reflected in three aspects: opening new customers, maintaining old customers, and brand building. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with customers. In fact, according to Salesforce, for every dollar spent on email marketing campaigns, the average return is $ 38.

The difference between email marketing and spam.

I think spam has the following characteristics:

  1. Emails that the recipient cannot reject;
  2. Emails that hide the sender’s identity, address, title, etc .;
  3. E-mails are containing false information sources, senders, routing, etc.
  4. Emails are providing wrong or harmful information such as viruses, malicious code, pornography, and reactionary information.
  5. The use-value to users is low, and users frequently receive, which makes users intolerable.

I think email marketing has the following characteristics:

  1. Prerequisites for Target Client License. With permission, there are many ways to collect the address of a target customer. Generally, it is divided into online and offline. Online collection methods include website registration, subscription and online event collection. Offline shows include business card exchange, event collection, and mall membership. For example´╝îIn the chapter of eight, the author describes how does it collect the email list.
  2. Information via email. Bulk email is the foundation of email marketing. In order for email marketing to work properly, the delivery of large amounts of mail is key. For example´╝îIn the chapter of eight, the author describes that Oracle’s email on how does it work.
  3. Convey valuable information. The content of the email is the key to email conversion for customer conversion. Providing relevant content to target customers can cultivate target customers’ recognition and loyalty, and then increase customer conversion rates. The platform offers a large number of free and beautiful email templates. Users can select the appropriate email template for mass mailing and improve the reading experience of target customers.

EDM is an online marketing method that transmits the transformed information to target users by email in the place of pre-approval by the user. But spam is the delivery of information to target customers without the customer’s permission.

using personas in email marketing.

I think in email marketing, we should set the company personas as buyer personas. Imagine selling to a (fictional) person who likes, dislikes, and has goals (like you and me). personas are also critical to developing effective email marketing campaigns. Highly targeted emails can lead to more open, click and engage. Target email is also optimized for potential customers and may lead to more conversions. Therefore, a good way is that companies can assume itself is buyers to guess the needs of their target customers.

How to use the buyer personas to improve the email marketing campaigns

First, Refine your email marketing strategy because interest potential customers and feel that some value or service can be obtained to deepen their impression and attention, it is worthwhile to voluntarily join the ranks of licenses according to marketers’ expectations. Second, Write better copies. Get more opens and clicks. when potential customers are paying attention, they should use their attention. For example, they can provide a set of product pictures or product descriptions to potential customers so that consumers can fully understand the company’s products or services. Third, attract them with irresistible quotes and clickable call-to-action. continue to offer incentives to ensure that potential customers remain on the approved list. Fourth, provide more incentives to allow customers to obtain a broader range of permissions, such as providing more benefits to members or inviting members to participate in surveys, providing More personalized services, and more. Fifth, after some time, marketers can use the acquired licenses to change consumer behavior by letting potential customers say, “Okay, I’m willing to buy your product.” Only then can the permit be converted into profit. Of course, after getting the first money from the customer, this does not mean that licensed marketing is over. Instead, follow related landing pages. This is just the beginning of turning potential customers into real customers. How to turn customers into loyal customers and even lifetime customers is still marketing. Email marketing will continue to play a unique role as an essential part of people’s work.


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