Why Mcdonald Has Mastered the Art of Online Brand Management

McDonald’s is a leader in the fast-food industry because they value customer service, respond to competition, and use marketing technology early in their development. Regardless of online management or psychical store management, it takes priority. McDonald’s was founded in 1940, serves 70 million people a day, and occupies 80% of the market in the fast-food burger category.

First, McDonald’s content marketing is doing well.

For a classic brand, McDonald’s officially innovated on social media. Time is consistent (“Wake Up!”, “Late Night”), vibrant and creative, artwork-centric fries, and user-generated images in Instagram feeds. McDonald’s (McDonald’s) put nutrition in the first place and center of the website and foresaw consumers’ doubts-smart public relations moves and smart SEO strategies. The site also includes the story of Mom Quality Correspondent-McDonald’s McDonald’s Healthy Eating Choice Ambassador Program, and the stories of food vendors are too hyped up on social media. These strategies align McDonald’s purchasing approach with humanity and assure consumers of food quality. McDonald’s showcases excellent visual content and recycles it through various channels. World Cup hashtags and World Cup party social posts.

Second, Paid social media — Digital marketing campaigns are excellent.

For a long time, McDonald’s (McDonald’s) has carried out some smart marketing activities, often using digital technology to drive people to those magical golden arches. These promotions can attract restaurant crowds and help increase brand loyalty and engagement. Such as Hands Full, Search It, Interactive Happy Meal Play Zones, and Pay with lovin’. In these paid campaigns, my favorite is Pay with lovin’ because it is very interesting. McDonald’s advertising during the Super Bowl in 2015, letting people know that random customers can pay for burgers with “like gestures” instead of cash as long as they order food at certain times. In the results? The YouTube version of the Super Bowl ad received 8 million views within four days of launch.

Third,Facing the problem, McDonald’s responded very quickly.

There is no shortage of content marketing on the wild web. Thousands of companies, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, political activists, and even ordinary people are continually publishing content on the Internet to attract the attention and attention of the eager public and the most significant search engines. McDonald’s maybe the world’s largest fast-food brand, which proves the strength of McDonald’s franchise business. But there are some drawbacks to ubiquity, including the tendency to breed mistrust. Over the years, many scandals have taken place on gold medal arches, such as food safety issues, food quality issues, and raw material issues. However, McDonald’s Canada and its agent, Tribal DDB Toronto, took bold action, ignoring the wisdom of the recognized, and faced with severe problems. Their “Our Food, Your Problems” campaign encourages Canadian customers to submit questions about McDonald’s food quality and processes directly to the company. As long as they are clear, understandable, and relevant, they can answer, regardless of the relevance or criticality of the query.


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Digital Marketing Certification

Which certification did you complete? The free certification course I chose is Inbound on the HubSpot Academy. Since 2012, HubSpot Academy has been committed to transforming the way people and companies develop, providing online training for the digital age: courses, projects, certifications, and software training. This course helps me understand the basics of inbound, inbound methods and flywheels, and learn how to apply them to your business. Inbound certification courses teach you how to successfully launch an inbound business from marketing to sales to services. This free certification course includes 6 lessons, 15 videos, and 4 quizzes. The total duration takes about 4 hours. The final exam has sixty questions in one hour.


How long did it take to complete?

According to records, I spent about 2 hours in total. But I think it took me longer because it took me three days to complete this certification. Although I don’t keep a detailed record of my time, every night I spend at least an hour studying this certification.

What did you like best/least?

My favorite part is these two lecturers Jorie and Kyle. There are three professors in this course. Jorie is from a cold place in northern Vermont and is a professor at HubSpot College. She dedicated to educating and inspiring people about reporting, conversion, and advertising: she avid readers, coffee lovers, and proud cat parents. Kyle teaches sales and CRM courses at HubSpot Academy. He is well known for his work in HubSpot sales software certification and sales support certification. He is the father of three children, the lucky husband of an equally lucky woman, and aspires to be one of the authors of the paperback novels you see at the grocery checkout counter.

Were there any disappointments or frustrations?

I didn’t disappoint for this free certification course, but I am surprised by this class. I always think some parts of this class need to be charged, but this class totally free. I also think this class is very difficult, but it is easy for me.

What did you learn?

In these courses, I learned inbound, inbound methodology, the foundation of the inbound business. Inbound is a way to attract, attract and delight people to develop a business that provides value and builds trust. Through the development of technology, the inbound guides the company to conduct business in a humane and beneficial way. People-oriented and customer-centric. Learn why this shift happened, how buying behavior has evolved, and the rationale for inbound business. I also learned flywheel. It’s easy to visualize your business as a funnel because whenever you look at a graph that represents the conversion process, the chart itself is shaped like a funnel. A flywheel is a machine that stores rotating energy. When adding energy to the flywheel, the flywheel begins to spin. If you add more energy, its rotation speed will restart. Unlike a funnel, the only way to maintain a constant speed is to increase the speed continuously, and the flywheel will continue to rotate. From a business perspective, the rotation of the flywheel represents business growth. Happy customers provide the energy to drive growth.

Do you believe this certification program is useful for other marketers?

Yes, I believe it because I learned too much in here. I also think it will help me in the future.

On a scale of 1-5, how likely are you to recommend this certification program to a friend? Why?

I will give on 5 scores. First, this class is free, anyone can learn it. I think I would recommend this course in terms of spending time on mobile phones and learning this course. Second, this certification is easy to understand for most people, anyone can learn it.

Email Marketing

Before going abroad, I always thought that email marketing as spam. It was unsolicited without my consent. I’ve always been bored with email marketing, and I never knew email. But when I started learning digital marketing, I did know something about email marketing. E-mail marketing is a direct marketing method that uses email to communicate with audience customers. The value of e-mail marketing to enterprises is mainly reflected in three aspects: opening new customers, maintaining old customers, and brand building. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with customers. In fact, according to Salesforce, for every dollar spent on email marketing campaigns, the average return is $ 38.

The difference between email marketing and spam.

I think spam has the following characteristics:

  1. Emails that the recipient cannot reject;
  2. Emails that hide the sender’s identity, address, title, etc .;
  3. E-mails are containing false information sources, senders, routing, etc.
  4. Emails are providing wrong or harmful information such as viruses, malicious code, pornography, and reactionary information.
  5. The use-value to users is low, and users frequently receive, which makes users intolerable.

I think email marketing has the following characteristics:

  1. Prerequisites for Target Client License. With permission, there are many ways to collect the address of a target customer. Generally, it is divided into online and offline. Online collection methods include website registration, subscription and online event collection. Offline shows include business card exchange, event collection, and mall membership. For example,In the chapter of eight, the author describes Overstock.com how does it collect the email list.
  2. Information via email. Bulk email is the foundation of email marketing. In order for email marketing to work properly, the delivery of large amounts of mail is key. For example,In the chapter of eight, the author describes that Oracle’s email on how does it work.
  3. Convey valuable information. The content of the email is the key to email conversion for customer conversion. Providing relevant content to target customers can cultivate target customers’ recognition and loyalty, and then increase customer conversion rates. The platform offers a large number of free and beautiful email templates. Users can select the appropriate email template for mass mailing and improve the reading experience of target customers.

EDM is an online marketing method that transmits the transformed information to target users by email in the place of pre-approval by the user. But spam is the delivery of information to target customers without the customer’s permission.

using personas in email marketing.

I think in email marketing, we should set the company personas as buyer personas. Imagine selling to a (fictional) person who likes, dislikes, and has goals (like you and me). personas are also critical to developing effective email marketing campaigns. Highly targeted emails can lead to more open, click and engage. Target email is also optimized for potential customers and may lead to more conversions. Therefore, a good way is that companies can assume itself is buyers to guess the needs of their target customers.

How to use the buyer personas to improve the email marketing campaigns

First, Refine your email marketing strategy because interest potential customers and feel that some value or service can be obtained to deepen their impression and attention, it is worthwhile to voluntarily join the ranks of licenses according to marketers’ expectations. Second, Write better copies. Get more opens and clicks. when potential customers are paying attention, they should use their attention. For example, they can provide a set of product pictures or product descriptions to potential customers so that consumers can fully understand the company’s products or services. Third, attract them with irresistible quotes and clickable call-to-action. continue to offer incentives to ensure that potential customers remain on the approved list. Fourth, provide more incentives to allow customers to obtain a broader range of permissions, such as providing more benefits to members or inviting members to participate in surveys, providing More personalized services, and more. Fifth, after some time, marketers can use the acquired licenses to change consumer behavior by letting potential customers say, “Okay, I’m willing to buy your product.” Only then can the permit be converted into profit. Of course, after getting the first money from the customer, this does not mean that licensed marketing is over. Instead, follow related landing pages. This is just the beginning of turning potential customers into real customers. How to turn customers into loyal customers and even lifetime customers is still marketing. Email marketing will continue to play a unique role as an essential part of people’s work.


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The potential harm of current online advertising model to society

Online advertising is a brand new industry formation that consists of companies that sell advertisements, create advertisements, and measure how many people see advertisements. Many large companies see online advertising as part of a combination of advertising media, broadcast, and television. However, everything has two sides. While online advertising brings benefits to customers and businesses, online advertising also presents some potential harm to society. If I can Rate the level of danger on a scale, I will get 4 credits for current model of online advertising. This credit based on our safety and right.

Four potential hazards of online advertising.

1. Leakage of private information

In the book, chapter seven used an example of Overstack.com to show what is retargeting. In the book, the author said, remarketing or retargeting is a practice of displaying ads to web users who have visited the site, and I think retargeting also is way that collects customers’ information. Online shopping is already a very popular form of shopping. Thousands of e-commerce companies are using different methods to reach large numbers of customers, such as Amazon, Taboo, and eBay. Some large-scale physical stores also have their online stores, such as Norstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Sophora. When people shop online, we need to leave some of our personal information for registering or delivering, such as a home address, phone number, email, and personal information. Then this private information may be leaked. After the information is leaked, we may receive various fraudulent calls and emails. Here, I share a personally really story. This summer vacation, my friends and I have the opportunity to visit the cities of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego. My friends and I solved the problem of airfare, car rental, and accommodation through Airbnb, Hotel.com, and CheapOair. However, after we have finished the vacation, I have been receiving almost 2 types of fraud calls so far. For example, credit cards were stolen and passport problems. These phones have never been received before visiting these cities. Therefore, I guess that my personal information has been leaked by one or both of these three websites.

2. Fraud

Online advertising fraud is also a potentially big problem. It can cause loss of personal or company financial and material resources. In the article “Online Ad Fraud – Statistics and Trends, Khalid Saleh stated that digital advertising fraud costs $1 for every $3 spent on digital advertising, and online advertisers are expected to inflict $7.2 billion in robotics-worldwide in 2016. In the other article “Digital Ad Fraud 2019-Mobile and Video Remain Riskiest Channels”, the author also mentioned that recent estimates range from $6.5 billion to a maximum of $19 billion, and this range suggests that measuring the true impact of fraud is difficult. Therefore, it is important how do we prevent fraud online advertising so far.

3. Advertising increases product costs and passes them on to consumers

Advertising is the reason for the necessary cost of doing business because these companies or products must be marketed in order to attract customers and create profits. Regardless of any marketing method, it is the cost to the company. In order for the company to pay these costs and make a profit, the price of the product must include these costs. Before, in the BA590 class, I had the opportunity to analyze a case about the Brandless company. This is an online sales company that sells lifestyle goods, food and health products. In this case, the author mentioned that 80% of the price makes for packaging and marketing. Therefore, advertising must increase the cost of products, and the customer will pay for these advertising fees.

4. Advertising distorts reality and creates unrealistic expectations

These online advertisements are sometimes unrealistic, sometimes causing customer property damage and even physical harm. In order to attract customers and increase sales, the company often uses exaggerated pictures to show the temptation of the product. Still, many products are not as magical as propaganda. For example, some weight-loss ads, these companies that produce diet pills usually choose some physically perfect women to advertise to convince customers to buy products. These ads are of course useful because they give hope to people who need to lose weight, hope that the hope is like advertising. In fact, the models in the ads themselves are good bodies, not because the products they use become perfect.

Eight codes of ethics for digital marketers

1. To ensure that customer information is safe, you are not allowed to disclose customer information. In our lives, there are many companies or individuals who specialize in selling other people’s information to make a profit.

2. Advertisers must regulate their behavior. According to the textbooks, we can know that advertisers have a lot of power to determine the content, size, and delivery of the ads.

3. There must be clear legal provisions to limit the online advertising of the current model.

4. Network supervision is also an effective way. Any viewer sees bad online ads. Complaints can be made and relevant departments respond.

5. Establish the credibility of the company or product.

6. To be honest for every customer. This is very difficult, but it is also important.

7. Make sure the product content matches the ad. There are more exaggerated online ads that do not match the product.

8. Every advertiser should be responsible for ensuring the security of the advertisements they send.


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What To Do When Your Webpage Doesn’t Rank

How should we do when our website doesn’t rank well

In today’s society, the digital market is becoming more and more important. Today’s networks are full of various websites, and even some well-known companies, products, brands or articles are very difficult to struggle within search rankings. SEO is an internet marketing strategy, it is a web search engine that increases the quantity and quality of the web site’s traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or webpage of users. Therefore, how to implement SEO becomes very important because the higher the website ranks in the search engine results page (SERP), it will attract more visitors from the search engine. These visitors can then be converted to customers.

To know our website rankings.

If you want your website to have a good ranking, you should first understand your website. This is a very important step because the publisher of the page needs to fully understand its page in order to further improve the ranking of the page. According to the “Reasons Your Website Isn’t Rankin”, the author said that we can use tools like SERPs.com to check the ranking of a keyword or term on a webpage. After entering this information, we will be available at Google, Yahoo! and Bing to view the search ranking of the page and to view the loading speed of the site.

Focus on keywords

Our target keywords are more competitive, our webpage needs more works in SEO. In our daily lives, when we want to get some information through the web, we usually enter keywords. Then display a large number of keyword-based pages. For example, I want an Apple Watch. When I searched for Apple Watch on Google.com, the page that Google provided to me was related to Apple Watch.

Focus on technical repairs.

It’s a good thing to make sure your site is technically optimized. Technical fixes can help you get the best SEO performance. For example, how to do page optimization, a good webpage to create title tags must have rich, enticing, concise and natural keywords. How to add a link to a webpage, the more links to webpages, the higher the value and relevance of these links. This will also increase the ranking of the webpages in the search ranking.

Pay attention to the quality and quantity of content posted on the site

The quality and quantity of published web pages is a better way to improve search rankings because no one likes to watch boring, meaningless things, and no one likes to frantically bombard web pages. The quality of the content I am talking about means that the content must be purposeful, educational, insightful and personal. The number I am talking about refers to the period in which the content of the website is published. Some people think that the more times the number of publications webpages is better, but I think it is better to publish the website regularly. As webpage viewers, I particularly hate low-quality, constantly published webpages. I personally prefer a streamlined website with good content and reasonable numbers.Therefore, balancing the quality and quantity of web pages is a better way. Make sure that every page you want to publish is simple and fun, and it appeals to your audience. Also make sure to publish the number of pages, such as once a week or twice a week.


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5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Nowadays, everyone’s understanding of the brand is getting higher and higher, and customers have become more and more engaged in the conversion of excellence, which makes the landing page more relevant. After reading the book, the landing page I understand is  the first page of all users entering your website. How to increase landing page conversion is very important. I think there are five ways to help you grow your conversion rate on your landing page.

1.Clear target market

When developing a landing page, it is essential to define the target market. You should know your potential customers are women, men, young people, older adults, students, or teachers. The set the target market is significant because the customer group can be segmented, and the landing page can be made more transparent. Young people generally like landing pages with beautiful colors and fashion designs. Middle-aged people are like my parents’ age. They want simple and clear login pages, clear pictures, easy-to-understand content, simple operations, and detailed product weddings and photographs.

2. Landing page should have a clear purpose

If you want to increase the conversion of the landing page, then each landing page must have a clear goal. After completing the target market segmentation, you should be thinking about the purpose of the landing page. I believe that the goal of a land page needs to be to attract users to continue to visit, to guide users to directly purchase products or services, to obtain personal information or registration provided by users, to share or comment on users and other similar behaviors with interaction.

3. Create an effective visual hierarchy

It is imperative to establish a useful visual hierarchy. First, the landing page should have clear-cut themes and attractive text that highlight the value proposition of the product. Second, the landing page is designed with the right image or video, which can be kept in sync with the content to make the message stand out. Finally, creating an active call to action can attract customers to take action.

4. Design a conversion-centric landing page

The conversion-centric design includes attention, context, clarity, congruence, credibility, closing, and continuance. The conversion-centric design is for attracting viewers’ attention, ensuring consistent content images, precise and straightforward operations, improving product reputation, affirmative words that represent click areas, and perfection to the next section. Designing a conversion-centric landing page should also center on the following three questions (1) What do you offer? (2) Why do you want to pick you up? (3) What do you want me to do next?

5. Load time and optimize your form fields

Loading time and optimizing form fields are very important. First, let’s discuss the load time. No matter how long you spend designing the target page, for the customer, they only care about the load time. Excessive load times can make customers very impatient and lose these viewers. Next, we discuss optimizing the form fields. Optimizing form fields is vital for collecting lead information. These potential customers are all customers you can win in the future.


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