Benefits of Social Media Certification

In past weeks I have worked and completed certification program provided by Hubspot Academy in Social Media marketing. I chose the coursework as I felt it was essential in today’s world to master social media platforms. The coursework too a total of 50 plus hours including the final exams. As an avid marketing enthusiast this was a great program to sharpen my tools to become good at mastering social media marketing.

The best part of the coursework will definitely be the online lectures which comprises of specialists in the field talking about their experiences. The lectures are informal and easy to understand which makes it pleasant to listen. The quizzes which follow each section helped me get a grasp at times of some things I might have missed during the lectures. The quizzes helps you keep your attention if you are completing multiple sections in one sitting. I look at this certification as a learning curve hence I won’t say I did not like any part of the coursework. The coursework is structured well and as it was my choice to opt for this certification my ambition was to learn as much as I can.

The knowledge I am taking out of this coursework spreads all across marketing strategies around Social Media platforms. First, the coursework highlighted simple points on how to reach customers and be productivity. This perhaps helped me realise the smaller things which holistically is of great importance. I believe sometimes we look past the obvious but the coursework does a good job of providing a great overview of the industry. Second, Social media campaigns and how to design those were covered broadly and helped me understand key elements to be included to make it efficient. Finally, I believe the certification gave me the knowledge of how to take in consideration the stakeholders and provide them incentives to keep investing and be happy on their ROI.

As shown in the graph above Social media marketing is here to stay. The fact that currently companies are investing more into this industry is proof that every marketer should learn about Social media marketing. As platforms on digital media are easiest way and the quickest to reach consumers, certification like these come in handy. As the digital world improves on a daily basis and more and more platforms being launched, learning the basic strategies to tackle some issues one might face. The increasing platforms is making it more competitive and people are looking to find new ways to reach customers and this is where exploring and researching helps to come up with new techniques. Furthermore, this certification will give you an edge over someone who is not familiar with this course.

On a scale of 1-5  I would recommend a 5 for people to take up this course. As I feel the field of business is something that evolves on a monthly basis. As mentioned before in the article increasing platforms is giving people the incentive to try new things and believe it or not Social media marketing is here to stay. Therefore, in order to create buzz around your product or to deliver your products to people, social media marketing strategies will be at the forefront of success. This certification encapsulates these strategies with expert comments and compiled into a manageable 40 hours and recognition from the academy on completion.

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