What kind of people do you think will buy your product? In this ever changing business world email marketing still holds 87% of communication between business and customers. Thus, making email marketing one of the finest tools to connect with customers or business. In order to improvise and better know your customers, creating personas relatable to your desired target customers comes in handy.

What is a persona template and its use?

A persona template helps a business create a mock personality which resembles their actual target market. The need for this is purely to have a small idea of who we are looking at to sell our products. A persona template can cover a variety of attributes such as:

• Gender

When you are creating a profile it can be any gender. This plays an important role in case of gender specific products. Therefore, go ahead and select a gender.

• Age

Is your customer base in a certain age group? Example would be kids products which would demand the target audience to be young parents or a products appealing more to millennials. Subjecting a target customer to age would make it easier when you plan mediums further in the template.

• Profession

A profession comes into play when you are targeting a company or professional. An example would be a B-B online business such as which provides courses for professional development in business. However, a profession can be used in multiple areas if it helps segmenting the customers.

• Lifestyle choices

In case of lifestyle choices it plays an important role if the product appeals to a certain segment of the population. An example would be weight loss or healthy food products. This helps thereby to segment the customers lifestyle choices and target them for the best results.

• Medium to connect with the customer

When all the segmentation is done, finally it comes down to how you can communicate with the customers. There are few things to keep in mind with respect to email marketing. A good subject line goes a long way ! in this case it is necessary to understand what kind of customers we are targeting. A millennial target market can be driven through social media sign ups or google sign ups on the other hand an older generation customer base could be receptive to more traditional channels.

These attributes in the template can be designed as per the product which the business intend to sell. This plays an important role as product demands a certain personality at times as well. Therefore, finalising on a product is very important and in the long view it plays a good importance to drive the email marketing. Furthermore, the strategies could change with different products.

An example would be, A diet Pepsi, now this product can look at college students who love their beverages, at the same time are trying to eliminate or use less sugar drinks and something to socialise with. This makes deciding on a product initially much more important as it will give you a proper base to design your persona template.

What next?

Once the personality template is created one can segment the offers, discount coupons or deals provided by one’s company to this target audience created through the template. This is a fine way to target customers and making sure that right emails are send to right customer profiles. Conclusion:

Email marketing still is one of the finest mediums to connect with customers. While creating email marketing templates one of the important things would be to come up with a good subject line. As subject line could make or break customers mentality to open or discard the email. Therefore, further emphasising the use of personality templates which would make it easier to come up with a subject line as you already know the way of living and inner desires of the customers you are targeting. It has shown that using personality templates for email marketing increases the click through rate by 16%. This is a considerable advantage when it comes to driving your customer base to sales. In a competitive market a business has to use multiple channels and forces to gain an upper advantage. Therefore, this template would definitely give every business an edge over their competitors and thereby driving their email marketing to desired success.


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