What to do when your webpage doesn’t rank

The digital revolution brought about a change in the way the company’s communication with customers. Google is one of the preferred search engines today, the ranking of the webpage becomes of at most importance. A poorly designed webpage will lead to a poor rank and thereby failing to reach the desired level of traction. Here are the top 4 techniques out of the many ones that can use to develop a formidable webpage and have a high rank.

1.    Title Tag: One of the important things to keep in mind while developing a website is to have a high click-through rate. This means a customer should know by the keywords what exactly they might be getting through this webpage. In addition to this one has to keep in mind to do the same concerning the URL provided and the meta description. This is fairly important as this is the first step before the customer enters the website.

2.    A good Landing page: The second step deals with the potential customer entering your webpage and what they see first is important on the webpage. This is where the landing page becomes an integral part. To ensure that the webpage has a low bounce rate which means fewer people leave the website sooner, the landing page should encompass similar details as describes in the search phrase.

A good example would be a search like “memory foam shoes” and if you go to the webpage of companies like New Balance or Nike their landing page shows exactly what the potential customer is looking for which is memory foam shoe collections.


3. Short loading time: It is important to know the difference between server speed and website loading speed. These terms have different strategies to improve. In line with this topic, here are some ways to improve your webpage loading speed. A good website should have minimal content as HTML needs to download components and thereby to load them. Make sure the landing page has enough content to cover the search but nothing more or unnecessary. Keeping the previous point in mind one can combine files or reduce bloated codes and plugins.

For more details on how well you can host a website check out this link:


4.    Good quality updated content: There is no substitute for good content. As any customer comes into the website the first and only thing they look for is quality content. Does your webpage provide what you pitched in the results? This is an important and final nail to build a good webpage that ranks well. The content on the website should be updated for example if it is a merchandise website, then the products on the website should be available and as recent as possible. It should match the keywords and meta descriptions provided. This will increase the traction and more the people visit better the rank will be for the webpage.

There is no substitute other than having a great architecture for your webpage to rank it better. To learn more about designing and help to get a better-ranked webpage you can read on,

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