Onnit has Mastered the Art of Online Brand Management

Onnit started off as a health supplements company providing products relevant to increasing performance in athletes. The reason why I feel they have mastered their online presence is the way they captured multiple segments,

  • Search Engine optimization:

Onnit has secured many keywords such as “mct oil”, “health supplements”, “brain enhancing performance “ and many more. The key to mastering online business is to master the search engines with relatively good keywords. Onnit has been open about their use of these keywords on their website itself were they published a case study on it.

Links: https://leadplanmarketing.com/digital-marketing-case-study-onnit/

  • Roping in right “Youtube” channels:

      Onnit’s influence on “Youtube” is massive as it advertises on famous podcasts such as “Joe Rogan experience”, “fighter and the kid”, and many more. These youtube channels give the company an authenticity thereby making customers realise that the company has a formidable backing by elite athletes and celebrities.

  • Use of social media:

The company has further established a great presence on websites such as “Facebook” and “Twitter” were the handles are updated on a daily basis providing information or opinions on current issues. The company websites have links to their social media portals as well as opinions and reasons on why they took a stand for certain issues. Furthermore, the company has partnered with athletes or instagram influencers to showcase their product. Athletes all over the world who have partnered with Onnit regularly showcase the products through merchandise or product wise in order to improve their online presence.

  • Backing up with researches and publishing it:

The company has an entire forum dedicated to answering questions of customers. I believe this is their main way to connect with customers. As the health industry has faced many scandals in the past it is necessary for supplement companies to provide correct information. The latest scandal being faced by “GNC” who were accused of having steroids in their products led to more scrutiny against supplement companies. In light of this scandal Onnit had provided a brief explanation of all the ingredients the company used and published on online portals such as “Reditt”, “Onnit performance” and many such formals along with their youtube channels.

I believe as a the company has mastered their online presence by providing customers a space where they can provide discontent, questions or appreciation for the company. The campaigns follow these up with athletes over multiple sports have come out and openly given testimonials about the authenticity of the company. These testimonials are published in their company websites. This is great way to be open on digital platforms where some companies are scrutinized over not being transparent enough.

In addition to this the company has published and continue to publish on their online portals various researches conducted by Phd’s on the ingredients used in their products. In today’s age were the supplement industry hide from criticism, Onnit not only provides full transparency but takes a forward step in improving by partnering with scholars in the health industry.

To conclude, Onnit has an aggressive online strategy were they hold seminars inviting health enthusiast and celebrities to come on the events and showcase their talents along with lectures on why selecting the right products are importance. All these steps have made Onnit one of the most popular brands on online portals in a highly competitive industry.


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