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Animating along multiple paths

Posted August 12th, 2013 by Warren Blyth

I know you can snap a camera to a curve, but wondered how you’d handle switching between 2 curves. Here are two solutions:

(a script to decide which motion path drives translation during which frames, or just keying the level of influence from multiple constraints).

1) This forum thread notes that you can write a quick MEL script to decide which motion path is driving your camera.
I find it very confusing and opaque (how do you “connect motionPath1.allCoordinates to cam1.mp1”? Is a motion path inherently the same as a curve, or do you need to some sort of conversion? He is only using the X in his example, but what if you want to change all translation AND all rotation- how script that? Is this even MEL script, or is it something else?)

2) someone else notes further down that you could just constrain the camera to both cures, and key which one is active. this makes much more sense to me.
but i’m still slightly confused (not sure how to constrain to a curve. I’m used to constraining one object’s translation or rotation to another object’s translation or rotation. not directly to a curve shape.) I’m hoping you could key a percentage of influence (not just on/off), so that the camera could drift between the two curves over time.

I’ll try to whip up some examples of each of these. If any of you beat me to it, or would suggest another way to do this – please edit this post or leave a comment.

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