Demo garden harvest 2019. Got any new photos? Please share for future newsletters.
  • This is your eNews! Share your thoughts about the new format in this 3-minute survey.
  • Program updates: Big news – OSU’s is lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. County or local precautions may still apply to some activities – please contact Elizabeth Records for details as you plan to resume your programming. We’ll seek to offer a range of activities outside, inside and online, to serve volunteers and the public. Thanks as always for your collaboration and support. Get the latest information. 
  • Shout outs
    • Ranee Webb created a lovely blog entry about the history of BEEvent. A super special THANK YOU to those who worked around the clock to make this conference a reality in 2020.
    • Thank you Diane White and Bobbye Rainey for answering a record number of questions in plant clinic. This week: “what type of apple tree is this?”
    • Thank you Ann Capps and Erin Steinke for being on call to handle samples of soil and insects/plants.
  • Volunteers needed.
    • Interview partner organizations for the Oregon MGV Program Needs Assessment. We still need folks to interview tribes, Casa Latinos Unidos and the local school district, non-profit or government entity of your choice! Please sign up now so Linn County organizations are fully represented!
    • Demo garden
    • Visit the Linn County Volunteer opportunities page to sign up for these opportunities, and more.
  • Continuing education (free to MGVs unless noted with “$”)
  • LCMGA updates
    • Board meeting info: see this week’s eNews email.
    • BeeNotes: did you know LCMGA members publish this just-in-time advice for mason bee enthusiasts? Check it out HERE and subscribe.
  • Extension updates
    • From Elizabeth Records: Thanks committee chairs for reaching out about planning new activities for reopening. At this point what I know is what I have shared out, but I have it from office managers that there may be some office or county-level guidelines we need to take into account. Once I have the details, I’ll share them out and we can plan next steps. Thank you always for your commitment to offering amazing programming.
  • Community news (Please note that anything in this section is not eligible for MGV volunteer service nor endorsed by Extension, but is mentioned as a courtesy to our community.)
    • Seaders Tree Care has free wood chips. Call 541-360-2777 or email
    • Know anyone who remembers the original Victory Gardens? An author would like to talk with them. Please contact:

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