Congratulations on joining the 2020 OSU Extension Master Gardener program! We look forward to having you become a part of the Extension family! The purpose of this page is to provide answers to frequently asked questions and serve as a reference during your first year in the program.  Please explore other pages on the website for volunteer opportunities and general references on the Master Gardener program.  Enjoy your Master Gardener Journey!

MG Trainee Volunteer Hours (updated 8/1/2020)

The goal of volunteering in your first year is to supplement online classroom-based training with hands-on experience.

For graduation we require you complete forty (40) total hours in the following categories:

  • at least 20 hrs answering questions in plant clinic

  • 20 hrs on an approved volunteer project

Hours need to be completed and recorded by 10/31 in the Master Gardener Volunteer Reporting System (VRS). Not sure how to enter your hours? Check in with your MG Mentor for help navigating the system.

Have questions or concerns about completing your service? Especially for the strange times of 2020 we have flexible options available. Please contact your program staff person Elizabeth Records for help:

Membership in county Master Gardener Associations

The Oregon Master Gardener Association (OMGA), a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was formed in 1982 to enhance and support the activities of Oregon’s Extension Master Gardener Program. OMGA and its county chapter associations enhance and support the OSU Extension Master Gardener Program by assisting in the continuing education of Master Gardeners, providing educational programs to members at monthly meetings, and organizing other education events such as educational symposia, garden tours, and nursery visits. OMGA chapters also serve as a social center for Master Gardeners, and as a clearinghouse for projects and planning of OSU-sanctioned educational outreach programs.

During your first year as a Master Gardener trainee, you are given free membership into OMGA and your local chapter. After that, you must pay dues to remain a member. Joining OMGA and your local chapter is not required to be an OSU Extension Master Gardener volunteer. However, joining OMGA, and your local OMGA chapter is one way to support the efforts of your local Master Gardener program, and to stay better connected to the Master Gardener events and activities in your area. (adapted from An Introduction to Being A Master Gardener)

2020 training class schedule & handouts

All of the materials for the 2020 class are in our online classroom (Canvas).

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