New volunteer opportunity! Help us connect with partners to strengthen the MGV Program.
  • New executive eNews format! Get what you need faster. Bookmark this page to find it anytime. Receive a direct email for each update.
  • Program updates
    • What does COVID-19 mean for Extension volunteer activities? Get the latest information. Currently we’re in a holding pattern and are expecting more updates in early July.
  • Shout outs
    • In case you missed it, Brooke Edmunds has transferred to Marion and Polk County Extension. Program staffing is still TBD. I (Elizabeth) am currently your main contact for MGV program needs.
  • Volunteers needed.
    • Interview partner organizations for the Oregon MGV Program Needs Assessment. If you collaborate with regional or local non-profits, schools, working groups, or agencies, check this one out!
    • Demo garden: Because of the blazing temperatures coming, we will meet on FRIDAY this week instead of Saturday.
    • Visit the Linn County Volunteer opportunities page to sign up for these opportunities, and more.
  • Continuing education (free to MGVs unless noted with “$”)
  • Extension updates
    • Japanese Beetles in Oregon. Learn to identify and scout for Japanese beetles at each cycle of life, and find out how to report a suspected sighting. EM 9158    Revised June 2021  
  • LCMGA updates
    • Board meeting info: see this week’s eNews email.
    • BeeNotes: did you know LCMGA members publish this just-in-time advice for mason bee enthusiasts? Check it out HERE and subscribe.
  • Community news
    • None this week. Check back soon.

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