Shop Construction

We first had the idea to get started on building a shop in spring of 2018.  But it’s amazingly difficult to figure out the steps to begin.  After many months and false starts we are pleased to work with Finish Line Concrete (pole building and concrete,) Mid-Valley Gravel (entrance culvert, leveling, trenching, gravel delivery and compacting,) Alpha Associates (electrical,) D. Hart Plumbing and Gecko Construction (interior framing.)

Bids came in around Christmas and HELOC was in hand by February.  It is now April, and it has already changed the property drastically.






New culvert and driveway.  So much less lawn to mow!







Check out blackberry removal to see how far this corner has come.  This is many inches of gravel in action.

This was a challenging phase.  Water and sewer line are in (after a frantic search for a plumber who could drop in the water line to complete the inspection, and Mid-Valley coming out again to hand dig it to the necessary code…)  But then, as they started digging the holes for the poles, the drain field was discovered.  What that means is that there was a layer of river rock that had to be vacuumed to a manageable stability.

After several extra steps, the poles were set and progress quickly appeared.




















The next chapter is the bathroom and electrical!

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