Bye Bye Wall

Like many older homes, the rooms in our house are small – until we start messing with them.  The entire west side of the house is made up of the living room and dining room.  They were separated by a door that we rarely closed.  For less than $1,000 our contractor removed the wall while we were at work.

Now it would be nice to have fresh drywall, but that’s a project for another day.  That one will consist of removing the paneling, and the poorly textured plywood that I know is underneath.  When the rooms are bare to the studs, we will have the electrical redone, and insulate the exterior walls.  Then they will be covered with drywall (professionally done – I’ve learned it’s a lot less painful to hire this part out when I can afford it).  But until then we can live with an exposed beam.  I really appreciated the change, coming home from a regular day to a 32 foot long, open room; it felt like our very own “reveal”‘.

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