Week 2’s Blog

After attending this week’s lectures and finishing the require readings, I learned more about design thinking and how it helps people come up with new ideas and solutions. All thing I learn during this week help me to have a deep understanding of five “modes” (Empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test) that we identify as the components of design thinking. For example, empathize is the foundation of human-centered design, and we are building empathy for our users by learning their values. Moreover, there are three ways use to empathize: Observe how users interact with their environment, engage users directly – interact with and interview them, and immerse yourself in your users’ experience (Design Thinking Bootleg). I learned that ADA enables C-Suite leaders to gain customer sympathy through Watching, Observing, listening to the Customer and Relentless Pursuit of Questions and Curiosity (How the ADA Empowered C-Suite Leaders to Gain Customer Empathy). I also learned some examples about how design thinking works in people’s real life, and in step by step, to come up with a new product or service (Designers-think big! Tim Brown).

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