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After I read the article “Do These 3 Things Before Bed to Hack Your Creativity While You Sleep”, I learned that there are three things can hack our creativity, which are find inspiration in your bedside book, ask yourself the question you are trying to answer and encourage lucid dreaming. I have experienced the second point: During the exam week, I always study until last minutes before sleep, all the things in my brain are about exam. When I lie down, I will continue to respond to the things I learned before, and the problems I have not solved. Many times, I find that I seem to have forgotten a lot of things, and then I keep thinking and slowly fall asleep. Surprisingly, when I woke up the next morning, I started to review what I learned yesterday, I remembered it again. Even the problem that was not solved yesterday, I have a solution idea when I wake up in the morning. I believe have an experience with this.
After I read the article “Can 10 Minutes of Meditation Make You More Creative?”, I found that Meditation is very great way to find out ideas because we all belong to peace without any thoughts during this time.
Accounting to the article “Better Brainstorming”, I learned that the first things that we need to do is set the stage, which is selecting a challenge you are deeply about. And then, brainstorming for questions makes it easier to venture into uncharted territory. Also, invite a few people to help you consider that challenge from fresh angles is very helpful too. Not all questions are created equal, no worry, just keep doing. The last things, we need to do is identify a quest and commit to it, for example study the question you jotted down, looking for those that suggest new pathways on your own.
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