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Breakthroughs in Science

Where, oh Where?

May 7th, 2009

Today’s article on the Cyber Diver News Nework asks the question:

Where have all the big fish gone?

And gives us the answer (spoiler, sorry!):  In our stomachs.

“We have already eaten most of the big fish in the Caribbean according to a new study [by OSU alumnus Dr. Chris Stallings] that links the decline of sharks, groupers and other big fish to a rise in human population.”

Mark Hixon was Chris’ doctoral advisor here at OSU, and was quoted in the article regarding the Lionfish population:

“Lionfish are minor players on their native Pacific reefs, yet they are undergoing a population explosion and overeating small fishes in the greater Caribbean region. Preliminary evidence suggests that lionfish are less invasive where large predatory native fishes are abundant, such as in marine reserves.”

See full size image

We write about Mark and his work on Breakthroughs because A) he’s a world renowned expert in coral reef ecology, B) his work is vital to OSU’s strategic plan, and C) he’s a great teacher and mentor — and a nice guy to boot.

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